Talent Concept

LUVIEW Talent Concept

Excellent talents are the foundation to achieve the strategic goals of an enterprise and the driving force for its sustainable development. The employment standard advocated by LUVIEW is to have both political integrity and talent, put virtue first, select outstanding talents, boldly use and give full play to the role of talents. By providing a variety of platforms to display the talents of each employee; carry out all kinds of beneficial physical and mental activities, give full play to each employee's ability reasonably, and truly realize personal value and highlight ability.


  1. Put virtue first and be both virtuous and capable

LUVIEW is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen, which has passed ISO/TS16949 certification. We have 14 years of development, design, quality management and manufacturing capacity in the field of automotive electronics, which ensures that the company can meet the diversified needs of car owners and provide customers with good products and services.We have our own professional R & D teams, which including nearly 40 R&D engineers.

R & D Team


  1. People make the most of their talents

In LUVIEW, every employee can give full play to his/her talents and abilities, so that he/she can take advantage of his/her strengths and avoid the weaknesses, and the right person can do the right thing. The company makes clear the responsibilities of each post, scientific selection and appointment, the person's ability and the specialized technology adapt to the post, carries on the post adjustment according to the actual changes.

R & D Team


  1. Choose people's strengths and tolerate people's differences

All rivers run into the sea. The bigger a person's mind and pattern is, the bigger his achievements will be. Everyone has both good points and bad points. If you are good at something, you must have short of something. Forests flourish because of the diversity of life, and career development depends on a variety of talents. We believe that by pooling everyone's wisdom, the team can be more combative and the enterprise can be more prosperous.

R & D Team