Luview was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, and its certification system was upgraded to IATF16949, which is an internationally recognized authoritative certification for quality in the automobile industry.

In the production process, from design and development, raw material control, production process and delivery inspection, we strictly comply with the IATF16949 standard to ensure the product quality from every step, to provide safe and reliable products for global users.


International Certification Approved

Most of our products have passed the international certification, such as CE, FCC, IP69K, RoHS, E-Mark, SAE, DOT, etc. The strict requirements of regulations make LUVIEW products highly reliable and safe, and customers can find products that meet their requirements anytime.


Reliable Test Equipment And Product Quality Control

We always adhere to the high quality control process, using many advanced equipment for high and low temperature testing, vibration testing, salt spray testing, swing testing, waterproof testing, aging testing and ESD testing.

  • Wire test report
    Wire test report
  • Vibration test report
    Vibration test report
  • Waterproof test report
    Waterproof test report
  • Dust test report
    Dust test report
  • Explosion-proof test report
    Explosion-proof test report
  • Circuit-Board-Test.jpg

    Circuit Board Test

  • Monitor-test.jpg

    Monitor Test

  • Camera-test.jpg

    Camera Test (Material)

  • Camera-test.jpg

    Camera Test (Product)

  • UL-Spray-test.jpg

    UL Water Spray Test

  • Vacuum-waterproof-test.jpg

    Vacuum Waterproof Test

  • Pull-test.jpg

    Pull Test

  • Vibration-test.jpg

    Vibration Test

  • Swing-test.jpg

    Swing Test

  • Darkroom-test.jpg

    Darkroom Test

  • High-and-low-temperature-test.jpg

    High And Low Temperature Test

  • Aging-test.jpg

    Aging Test