car solutions for van

A comprehensive monitoring solution for large vehicle vision

This program can be applied to transport vehicles such as trucks and trucks. Luview provides you with high-quality rear-view cameras, side-view cameras and general-purpose license plate rear-view cameras, forming a complete monitoring program to ensure driving safety.

The scheme collocation

·Rear view camera: JY-665/JY-810/JY-6731/JY-675/JY-683A

·Side-view camera: JY-831/JY-669B/JY-668/JY-660

·License plate rear-view camera: JY-002A

Hd camera features

·Resolution :1080P/720P; C

·Operating temperature :-20 C + 70 C

·Waterproof and shatter-proof protection grade is IP69K;

·High quality image sensors that can produce clear images even at night;

·Built-in infrared LED lights can also provide a good view in harsh environments;

·Flexible installation: can be installed in the rear side of the vehicle, both sides and license plate