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Forklift truck monitoring solution

Forklift operation is a very dangerous job. When the truck is full of goods, the driver's field of vision is very limited. Once it hits a person or object, it will cause great risks. Luview provides a complete monitoring solution for forklift operations, which improves the efficiency and safety factor of forklift operations by means of multi-screen monitoring and extended line of sight distance.

Solution match:

·HD camera: JY-668/JY-365;

·Forklift camera: JY-F2;

·Car display: JY-M755;

HD camera features:

·Support analog high-definition video 700TVL;

·Waterproof protection grade IP69K;

·Support mirror switching;

·With ruler switching function;

·Working temperature: -20ºC~ 70ºC;

Features of HD monitor:

·Waterproof grade IP67;

·Support simultaneous 4 camera video input;

·Support simultaneous 4 camera audio input (optional);

·The 4-way camera has a trigger control line, when there is a trigger, it will automatically switch;

·Working power supply range 12~24V, power supply short-circuit protection function;