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School bus monitoring visual safety solution

The school bus monitoring solution consists of a high-definition camera equipped with a digital display, which can display vehicle video recordings in real time to ensure that there are no dead spots in the vehicle. The school bus monitoring program can realize high-definition video surveillance, school bus remote management, active driving behavior management, student getting on and off monitoring and other functions to ensure the safety of students in the school bus.

Solution match:

·Rear view camera: JY-663/JY-665-B

·Dome camera: JY-D16/JY-D12/JY-D13/JY-D17;

·Car display: JY-M730;

HD camera features:

·Image sensor: 1/2.9 SONY;

·Effective pixels: 1920 (H) ⅹ 1080 (V)

·Multi-point monitoring: It can be installed in the front, middle and rear of the vehicle;

·With night vision function, infrared distance 13m;

·3. Support ICR switch to realize day and night monitoring;

·Working temperature: -20ºC~ 70ºC;

Features of HD monitor:

·Support 4 cameras video input at the same time;

·Support simultaneous 4 camera audio input (optional)

·The image can be flipped up and down;

·The 4-way camera has a trigger control line, when there is a trigger, it will automatically switch;