Product Description

wireless reversing sensor for car with wireless lcd display and buzzer alarm, the lcd display shows three direction’s distance at the same time, maximum 1.8 meter distance can be detective.


Product: wireless sensor including numeral lcd display with 8 sensors, 4 for front view, 4 for rear view
Alarm mode: step up buzzer alarm
Display model: LCD display shows three ( five or six ) direction’s distance at the same time
Detective distance ( front ): numeral display from 1.2m to 0.3m,can be set
Detective distance ( back ): numeral display from 1.8m to 0.3m,can be set
Sensor: 8 sensors
Sensor color: option
Sensor size: 20,22mm
Back sensor to radar cable length: 2.5 meter
Front sensor to radar cable length: 7 meter
Monitor to radar cable: 5 meter ( can be customized )
Monitor color: black
Display size: 80*30*20 mm
Power requirement: 12V DC
Operating temperature: -10℃ to +65℃