WiFi hidden dashboard camera for all car models RS-A99

//WiFi hidden dashboard camera for all car models RS-A99
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Project Description


Novatek 96658 solution
Starlight Night Vision
Color optional: Grey, Black, Off-white
Unique design dash cam with lcd display included

1440P / 1080P/ 720P universal dash cam

Universal 1080P 1440P WiFi dash cam for car, SUV,van, truck and other vehicles for wholesale from China; adopt American Ambarella A12 CPU and super high definition 4 million pixel OV4685 sensor chip, 18 million camera pixels, image colorful with good transparency, effective restoration of video details. The chip has been used for spaceflight, SLR, digital cameras and other fields, high temperature resistance, no crashes, no shooting leakage, no dis-fluency. If you are looking for some proven hot sale dash cam products on the market, please consider this one and contact Luview, we are a leading car dash cam and other vehicle camera system manufacturer and solution provider in China with strong developing ability.

Parameter Show

Processor :Ambarella A12L
Image Sensor :OV4685 4M CMOS sensor
Lens Material:6G+IR
Aperture Value :F1.8
Lens Angle :170°
Max. Resolution :2560*1440 pixels 1440P / 1920*1080 pixels 1080p
Encoding type :H.264
Video Format :H.264 coding,MP4 storage format
effective pixels:4 million pixels / 2 million pixels
Picture Format:JPEG
Recording Mode :1 minute / 3 minutes / 5 minutes / auto cycling
Storage :TF card ( Class 10 or above,support maximum 32GB )
TV system Output:NTSC/PAL
GPS :Support GPS trajectory playback
WiFi :802.11b/g/n
G-Sensor :Triaxial accelerometer
motion detectionObject movement detected and recording 20 seconds
Collision detectionCollision detected and recording for 20 seconds
Start-up time :Approximate 2 seconds
Working Voltage :DC12V
Working Currency :250MA ±10MA
Static Currency :0.001MA
Storage Temperature :-30 ° C ~ 85 ° C.
Operating Temperature :-20 ° C ~ 65° C.
Operating Humidity :15%-60%RH
Battery :Not included
Monitor :included
Processor :Novatek NT96658MBG ( with built in 1 GB DDRIII)
Image Sensor :Sony IMX323 professional 1/2.9 inch Exmor CMOS image sensor
Lens Material:6G+IR
Aperture Value :F2.0
Lens Angle :170°
Max. Resolution :1920*1080 pixels 1080p / 1280*720 pixels 720p
Encoding type :[email protected] 30fp/s, [email protected] 60fp/s
Video Format :H.264 coding, MOV storage format
effective pixels:2 million pixels / 1 million pixels
Picture Format:JPEG
Recording Mode :3 minute / 5 minutes / 10 minutes / auto cycling
Storage :TF card ( Class 10 or above,support maximum 32GB )
TV system Output:NTSC/PAL
GPS :not supported
WiFi :802.11b/g/n
G-Sensor :Triaxial accelerometer
motion detectionObject movement detected and recording 10 seconds
Collision detectionCollision detected and recording for 30 seconds
Start-up time :Approximate 2 seconds
Working Voltage :DC12V
Working Currency :250MA ±10MA
Static Currency :0.001MA
Storage Temperature :-30 ° C ~ 85 ° C.
Operating Temperature :-20 ° C ~ 65° C.
Operating Humidity :15%-60%RH
Battery :Not included
Monitor :included

2 easily made mistakes when choosing dashboard camera

1. Ignore the stability
Stability is the primary performance of the dashboard camera, a good quality dashboard camera must with features of durable, high temperature resistance, anti-vibration, especially stable when recording. If leakage of recording occur at a critical moment, critical video can not be played back and the clip is blank,it is terrible.
2. Pursuit of multi-functional
When we buying a dashboard cam the primary pursuit is to pursuit of recording effect and convenience, if you want other functions such as navigation, electronic dog ( alarm system ) , dual lens, or 360° recording, then the dashboard camera’s professionalism would be sacrificed, and other functions downgrade or even can’t use at all.
Dashboard cameras primary duty is clear shooting and stable working; navigation, electronic dog, multimedia etc unnecessary functions not only hinder the dashboard camera’s shooting, but also a waste of your money.

Universal 1080p Sony lens night vision hd dashboard camera
Sony HD image sensor 6 layer coated glass lens, regardless of cost, just to get a clearer image, restore a more realistic truth !
With powerful Novatek 96658 dual core CPU from Taiwan
Equipped with NOVATEK 96658 advanced chip from Taiwan to show you 1080P high definition video, dual-core 2G running memory high speed computing, to ensure that the dashboard camera does not crash, do not leaking of recording, make sure the dashboard camera more faster and stable during operation.
Only when the image is clear enough, the recording makes sense
30 fps 1080p high speed recording, continuously HD and fluent image. For each screenshot, its details are clear and legible.
Automatically lock the backup video to protect the key evidence
The dashboard camera comes with built-in G-Sensor three axis gravity sensor, in case of emergency, it will automatically identify and start emergency recording mode, emergency videos are saved separately and will not be overwritten by other videos, ensuring that the key evidence is well protected.
Smart Parking Guard
Long standby ability, parking within 100 hours, if the car body tremor occurs, the dash camera will immediately running, the scene will be recorded and saved separately , this video will not be overwritten by other videos to help you restore the site to identify suspicious conditions.
F1.8 large aperture, greater amount of light going through to meet your pursuit of night vision performance.
170 ° super wide angle, easily covering three lane and make sure image clear and no deformation.
No extra traffic needed for mobile to view and download recorded video
Open the phone APP and connect it to the dashboard camera by WiFi, you can watch the recorded videos, access to historical images, and can also download videos to your own phone, easy to operate, and it will not consume traffic flow from your SIM card end.
Loop recording with up to 32GB memory card storage support
The dashboard camera will automatic loop recording after the storage card is full, overwrite the useless video, to ensure that valuable latest video can be saved at the first time. Uninterrupted recording throughout the entire process, do not leak any screenshot, support up to 32GB large storage memory card.
WDR wide dynamic 3NR noise reduction, night vision with even higher definition
3DNR noise reduction can eliminate noise interference and restore pure and delicate picture, WDR wide dynamic real-time adjustment of video images, so as to shoot film grade video screen.

Accessories List

1. Power cable
2. User manual
3. Warranty Card
4. Quality Certificate

Packing Information

luview dashboard camera inner package
outer package

OEM / ODM Service

Customized Functions

Structure Design

Customized Start Screen

LOGO Printing

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