How to hide the dash camera wires inside the car or other vehicles

How to hide the dash camera wires inside the car or other vehicles ?

Today, we are glad to writing a post on how to hide the dash camera wires into the nooks and crannies around the perimeter of the vehicle inner space, now there’s a lot of spots that you can hide a wire in, and we’re going to jump into some of them to organize your wires easily ,ideally you will have to use some wire clips, usually they’re included in your dash camera kits, the wire clip has an adhesive on one side and on the back there is a hook, you can actually buy these wire clips online, they’re pretty cheap as well, otherwise you can also use some tapes. I am going to use wire clips in the visible areas but underneath the dashboard, i will use the tapes instead.

dashboard camera wiring diagram

Take your cord up into the headliner and start tucking away until you reach the side, now run your wire until you’re under the dash, go towards the center dashboard and stash away your excess cables on the side, then plug in, any extra slack wires should be neatly tucked away beside your console, you can easily run the wire upwards into the headliner on the new vehicles, however you have to check if there’s a cover you can hide the cable behind on older vehicles, you can tape your wiring to the mirrors, check if it’s closed otherwise keep it straight, there’s no need to attach it to the window, the headliner can be gently pulled down and the wire pushed in to start stuffing, I recommend going towards the passenger side, as a fallen cable won’t interfere driving, but it’s really up to you, once you reach the end, i found running the cabling inside the weather sealing or side trim is easier and hides more of the cabling, start by examining your door frame for areas where the cable is securely held and won’t share the cable when the door is closed, the alternative is to run it alongside the windshield, you might have to use tape or a wire guide as the trim can be difficult to press int.

dashboard camera wiring diagram

Once you reach the end, you will have to bring it back out and drop it alongside your board, again look for any areas you can place your cabling, if nothing exists make sure the cable stays straight either from pulling it underneath your dashboard or by using a wire guide, this ensures it won’t be caught inside your door, whatever method you choose the goal is to reach underneath your dashboard, once you look for any sort of hooks or areas you can wedge your cable into, you can go nuts with cable ties or tape here as it won’t be seen, if you’re lazy you can place your floor mat over the cable, making sure any passengers won’t get caught up on the wiring. I’ve used this method before a couple months with no damage and no problems, once the cable is beside your dashboard, shove all the loose wiring beside your seat and plug the end in, so now you’re done, congratulations.