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Party Time in August: LUVIEW Employees’ Birthday Celebration

In this August, LUVIEW routinely held a warm and joyful birthday party. All the staff of the administrative department carefully arranged the venue, decorated with balloons, ribbons and birthday posters, so that every employee could feel the warmth and care of home. To make the birthday party more memorable, the company specially prepared surprise gifts […]

An Easy Guide To Backup Camera System

If your vehicle does not currently have a backup cam ( same as rearview cam, it’s likely that your next brand-new car will. As of May 2018, United States regulation has called for all new auto, vehicles, vans as well as various other vehicles be furnished with rearview monitoring technology. And in many cases that […]

Comprehensive Buying Guide For Rear View Camera For Camper

Are you in search of a good rear view camera for camper? In today’s world, there is an increase in the number of campers on the road. This is because people want to spend quality time with their family and camping is the best way to do so. When it comes to driving a camper, […]

What Are the Best Front and Rear Dashboard Cameras?

With the advancement of technology, many manufacturers have produced a dash camera with front and rear dual recording. It has a wider field of view and is more conducive to driving safety. What Are the Best Front and Rear Dashboard Cameras? When it comes to front and rear dashboard cameras, there are many different options to choose […]

What is a trigger wire on a backup camera?

Trigger wires are often the most forgotten components of a backup camera. Everyone remembers the camera and the monitor but they forget the trigger wire because most drivers are not aware of where these trigger wires are located and how they work. What are trigger wires? The trigger wire is an important part of the […]

Reverse camera vs parking sensor, which is better for you ?

Parking is one of the toughest tasks for a driver because you need to find the perfect spot to help you. Technology like reverse cameras and parking sensors can help you gauge the space that can fit your car. Reverse camera vs parking sensor, what is the difference? Parking sensors aid you by giving you […]

What is bird eye camera and how do bird eye car cameras work ?

You must be well acquainted with reverse cameras as they have been a standard feature in vehicles for many years. These cameras have made driving simpler, and less dangerous. It will be even better if you find out that there is a way to monitor everything happening around your car, in all directions. What is […]

What does rear view camera delay mean ?

Rear view camera picks up the transmission and the video image is displayed on the monitor when the car is put into reverse gear. The camera goes off when the gear is shifted to drive again. Rearview cameras help you to monitor the rear side of the car and avoid unwanted collisions. How does rearview camera […]