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Luview gains BSCI certification for social responsibility compliance

Luview is pleased to announce that we have achieved the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certification. This certification not only validates our commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development but also signifies our dedication to maintaining high standards. The importance of BSCI certification Ensuring product quality and safety BSCI certification ensures that our products strictly […]

LUVIEW streaming rearview mirror: high-resolution vision for enhanced driving safety

Common challenges faced by drivers include urban traffic congestion, the need for quick lane changes, parking difficulties, adverse weather conditions, unsafe nighttime driving, and large blind spots. In these situations, can traditional rearview mirrors provide sufficient visibility and safety assurance? Does this increase the risk for drivers? The importance of streaming rearview mirrors is self-evident, […]

Journey · Cohesion · Launch——Luview Team Building Trip to Xunliao Bay, Huizhou

Teams excel because of individuals, and individuals shine because of teams. On June 14-15, our company gathered all employees at the picturesque Xunliao Bay for a two-day, one-night team building event. This memorable experience enhanced our communication and strengthened the cohesion and unity among team members. From creative team formations to intellectually stimulating team-building games, […]

Drive Safely: Luview Provides Comprehensive Protection with Explosion-Proof System

In modern industry and transportation sectors, safety is always a top priority. In flammable, explosive, and hazardous environments, the application of explosion-proof systems is particularly crucial. These environments include scenarios such as oil tankers, natural gas vehicles, fire trucks, military vehicles, ships, and other places where explosion risks exist. Explosion-proof camera systems primarily address the […]

Luview May Birthday Party: Endless Fun and Surprises!

The precious moment of our monthly birthday party has arrived once again! Luview is hosting a fun and heartwarming birthday celebration, complete with delicious food, engaging games, and exciting performances, creating a joyful atmosphere for everyone! Let’s come together to celebrate the birthdays of Luview’s May stars! First up is the feast: The entire HR […]

Explore Agricultural Innovation with Luview at Booth F35, AGRITECHNICA ASIA

AGRITECHNICA ASIA is a platform in Thailand that gathers global agricultural machinery and agricultural technology solutions. This exhibition attracts exhibitors and visitors from around the world, providing agricultural professionals with opportunities to explore advanced agricultural machinery and technologies, facilitating exchanges and collaborations. The aim is to enhance the efficiency and quality of agricultural production. The […]

Join LUVIEW at INAPA: Booth D1F3-16, May 15-17

INAPA is the largest and most influential auto parts exhibition in Indonesia. The exhibition will be held from May 15th to 17th. As an expert in automotive rearview system solutions, Luview will bring a series of the latest automotive electronic rearview products and fleet safety solutions for three days of exchanges and discussions with exhibitors […]

Respect for workers: important notice for Luview labour day holiday

Dear customers and friends, With Labour Day approaching, let us not only celebrate the holiday but also cherish the tireless efforts of every laborer. Let us express our sincerest gratitude and respect to those hardworking individuals who contribute to society, family, and the company. Luview is here to announce our holiday notice. We will be […]

WiFi camera system:providing clear vision, making driving safer

Common challenge: visibility issues while driving In our daily driving experiences, whether in cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, or delivery vans, limited visibility is a common challenge faced by drivers. Especially during reversing or backing up, blind spots at the rear of the vehicle can easily lead to accidents, collisions, and personal injuries. Such situations can […]

Universal dash camera: making every drive more reliable

Installing a dash camera is due to the frequent disputes in determining liability in traffic accidents, a situation that is not uncommon. Coupled with the occurrence of “staged accidents,” drivers often face uncertainty in determining responsibility. Therefore, the dash camera has become an important tool for drivers to protect themselves. In addition to resolving disputes […]