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What are the benefits of using a universal dash cam?

In recent years, the popularity of universal dash cams has seen a rapid increase, with drivers worldwide increasingly recognizing their value in terms of road safety, security, and peace of mind. The sharp rise in demand for universal dash cams can be attributed to several key factors, each addressing significant challenges faced by drivers today. […]

Benefits of Millimeter Wave Radar Systems for Heavy Duty Vehicles

With the increasing popularity of transportation and the rise in traffic volume, the number of heavy commercial vehicles on urban roads is also constantly increasing. However, due to the large size and inertia of heavy vehicles, they face relatively greater safety risks during operation. The introduction of heavy duty vehicle millimeter wave radar systems has […]

Chinese Spring Holiday Notice

Dear friends and customers, We would like to inform you about our schedule for the upcoming Chinese Spring Holiday: Holiday period: From Feb.03 to Feb.16, a total of 14 days. Our entire team will resume work on Feb.17. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience caused during this holiday period. If you have […]

How Does AI camera System Enhance Driving Safety?

In modern transportation, driving safety is of paramount importance. Artificial intelligence camera systems, as advanced driving assistance technology, provide drivers with excellent obstacle detection, pedestrian detection, and audible warnings, significantly enhancing driving safety and convenience. 1. Outstanding obstacle detection capability One of the primary advantages of an artificial intelligence camera system is its outstanding obstacle […]

Does the large vehicle explosion-proof camera system have waterproof capabilities?

Large vehicle explosion-proof camera system is an innovative technology designed specifically for large vehicles. It features explosion-proof and waterproof capabilities, providing both safety protection and visual assistance for vehicles. These systems are suitable for vehicles operating in hazardous environments, such as oil tankers, natural gas trucks, fire trucks, military vehicles, and ships. Waterproof design of […]

Advantages of Waterproof Monitors in Agricultural and Construction Vehicle Applications

Waterproof monitors play a crucial role in agricultural and construction vehicle applications. They not only possess the functionalities of regular monitors but also offer waterproof capabilities, providing numerous advantages for the agriculture and construction industries. This article will delve into the benefits of waterproof monitors in agricultural and construction vehicle applications to help readers gain […]

Luview 2023 Year-End Awards Ceremony: Striving and Glorious Moments

In this hopeful and passionate new year, Luview held the 2023 Year-End Awards Ceremony, a splendid event aimed at recognizing the outstanding colleagues who have contributed to the company for 5, 10, and 15 years. This ceremony is dedicated to commemorating their journey of struggle and expressing gratitude for their unwavering efforts and remarkable achievements. […]

Benefits of Installing WiFi Backup Camera System

In today’s automotive technology landscape, WiFi backup camera systems have become increasingly popular. This technology not only enhances the safety of drivers but also offers added convenience. This article will explore the benefits of installing WiFi backup camera systems and why they have become crucial in modern vehicles. 1. Enhanced Safety One of the most […]