Drive Safely: Luview Provides Comprehensive Protection with Explosion-Proof System

In modern industry and transportation sectors, safety is always a top priority. In flammable, explosive, and hazardous environments, the application of explosion-proof systems is particularly crucial. These environments include scenarios such as oil tankers, natural gas vehicles, fire trucks, military vehicles, ships, and other places where explosion risks exist. Explosion-proof camera systems primarily address the issue of blind spots faced by drivers in such hazardous environments.

Application of Explosion-Proof Systems

In various scenarios such as oil tankers, natural gas vehicles, fire trucks, military vehicles, and ships, explosion-proof systems have demonstrated their reliable and feasible application value. These systems monitor the surroundings of vehicles, especially blind spot areas, by installing explosion-proof cameras and waterproof displays, providing drivers with comprehensive visual information. This helps drivers detect and avoid potential obstacles, pedestrians, or other vehicles, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Features of Luview Explosion-Proof Systems

  • Explosion-Proof Casing

The system is equipped with specially designed explosion-proof casings made of sturdy materials such as 304 stainless steel and toughened glass, capable of resisting high pressure and high temperature, effectively preventing internal sparks or high temperatures from causing external explosions.

  • High Protection Level

The system has a high protection level, such as IP69K, which can resist water, dust, and high-pressure cleaning, suitable for various harsh environments, ensuring the reliability and stability of the equipment under extreme conditions.

  • High-Definition Imaging and Night Vision Capability

Some explosion-proof systems integrate high-definition cameras and high-brightness infrared lights, providing clear images and excellent night vision capability, helping operators work better in complex environments, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and safety.


Explosion-proof camera systems provide drivers with comprehensive safety protection in hazardous environments. They withstand harsh weather conditions, observe the surroundings of vehicles clearly, and effectively avoid safety risks for drivers operating in blind spots. Whether on oil tankers, natural gas vehicles, fire trucks, or military vehicles, these camera systems have undergone rigorous safety and reliability verification, providing crucial protection for drivers’ safe driving.

If you need more information about explosion-proof camera systems or are interested in cooperation, please feel free to contact us. Our team is here to assist you and address any inquiries you may have. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We are eager to collaborate with you and contribute to the creation of a safer and more comfortable driving environment. Your safety is our top priority, and we are committed to providing continuous support to ensure it.


Luview May Birthday Party: Endless Fun and Surprises!

The precious moment of our monthly birthday party has arrived once again! Luview is hosting a fun and heartwarming birthday celebration, complete with delicious food, engaging games, and exciting performances, creating a joyful atmosphere for everyone! Let’s come together to celebrate the birthdays of Luview’s May stars!

First up is the feast: The entire HR department at Luview has prepared a variety of tasty snacks, fresh and juicy fruits, and exquisite birthday cakes for this month’s birthday stars, allowing everyone to indulge in a culinary extravaganza. Additionally, we will be displaying wonderful photos from the lives of each birthday celebrant, making the atmosphere even more lively and cheerful.

Next up is the exciting game segment: We have arranged a series of thrilling game activities! First up is the Zoo and Fruit Orchard game. In the Zoo game, everyone takes turns naming different animals without repeating, and the last person remaining in the game will win a prize gift pack. The Fruit Orchard game follows the same rules, challenging everyone’s familiarity with animal and fruit names.

Additionally, we have prepared the traditional Duck Catching game. In this game, you can freely state the number of ducks you want to catch, and then everyone takes turns imitating the sound of ducks “quacking” until the specified number is reached. Without any stuttering, this game will test everyone’s spontaneous reaction ability while adding to the festive atmosphere of the gathering.

The winners will have the opportunity to win our specially prepared game prize packs, making the birthdays of this month’s Luview stars even more exciting! At the same time, we have also prepared special birthday red packets for the birthday stars, expressing the Luview’s blessings and care for them. Additionally, we have prepared soft and comfortable nap blankets for the birthday stars, allowing them to relax and rest during tiring moments, feeling the warmth and care.

Finally, as the birthday party comes to an end, all the birthday stars gather together for a group photo to forever capture this wonderful moment and cherish precious memories! We also wish a happy birthday to all the Luview stars celebrating their birthdays this month! May every day be filled with joy and happiness for you all!

Respect for workers: important notice for Luview labour day holiday

Dear customers and friends,

With Labour Day approaching, let us not only celebrate the holiday but also cherish the tireless efforts of every laborer. Let us express our sincerest gratitude and respect to those hardworking individuals who contribute to society, family, and the company.

Luview is here to announce our holiday notice. We will be taking a 5-day break from May 1st to May 5th. Our team will resume work and be ready to assist you on May 6th!

During this memorable holiday, we deeply appreciate your continuous support and trust in Luview.

If you encounter any urgent matters or issues during the holiday period, we will be available to support you at any time. Please contact us at [email protected], and we will be glad to assist you.

Luview extends warm wishes to you, your family, and your friends for a joyful Labour Day!

Luview Co., LTD

WiFi camera system:providing clear vision, making driving safer

Common challenge: visibility issues while driving

In our daily driving experiences, whether in cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, or delivery vans, limited visibility is a common challenge faced by drivers. Especially during reversing or backing up, blind spots at the rear of the vehicle can easily lead to accidents, collisions, and personal injuries. Such situations can result in significant property damage for vehicle owners and drivers, and even jeopardize their safety.

One particular issue that deserves mention is the problem of truck blind spots. Truck blind spots refer to areas that drivers find difficult to observe due to the vehicle’s structure and size. Especially when trucks make turns, the difference in turning radii creates blind spots around the wheels, making it challenging for drivers to perceive pedestrians or other vehicles in these areas. Consequently, this increases the risk of accidents.

Guarding driver safety with WiFi camera systems

To solve this challenge, we are embracing a novel technology——WiFi camera systems. This system involves installing cameras at the rear of vehicles and wirelessly transmitting real-time video to the driver’s smartphone, providing them with a clear and bright rear view. The introduction of this technology is not only for driving safety but also for caring and protecting the lives of every driver.

Consider this scenario: effortlessly observing the surroundings behind your vehicle through your smartphone screen while reversing or backing up. This real-time visual feedback enables you to operate with more confidence, avoiding blind guesswork and unnecessary anxiety. You can clearly see surrounding obstacles, pedestrians, or other vehicles, thereby maintaining a safe distance in tight spaces.

The integration of this innovative technology is not only to address the issues caused by truck blind spots but also to care for the safety and comfort of every driver. By providing reliable rearview visibility, WiFi camera systems help drivers better understand the environment around their vehicles, allowing them to drive with greater peace of mind and stability.


On various roadways, whether bustling city streets or rugged countryside lanes, WiFi camera systems are dedicated to safeguarding your safety. We understand deeply that every driver has loved ones, friends, and important people waiting for their safe return. Therefore, we not only provide technology but also earnestly protect the lives and happiness of every driver.

If you would like to learn more about WiFi camera systems or are interested in collaboration, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is delighted to answer your questions and provide further assistance. You can reach us by emailing [email protected]. We look forward to working with you to create a safer and more comfortable driving environment. Because your safety is paramount to us, we will always be your trusted guardians on the road.

Universal dash camera: making every drive more reliable

Installing a dash camera is due to the frequent disputes in determining liability in traffic accidents, a situation that is not uncommon. Coupled with the occurrence of “staged accidents,” drivers often face uncertainty in determining responsibility. Therefore, the dash camera has become an important tool for drivers to protect themselves. In addition to resolving disputes over traffic accidents, the dash camera can also monitor parking safety, preserve evidence, and enhance driving safety, making it an indispensable equipment for more and more drivers.

Typical problems solved by dash cameras

1. Disputes over traffic accidents

Traffic accidents are often a major headache for drivers. Disputes over liability are frequent, leading to financial and psychological losses. However, having a dash camera can provide clear video footage as evidence, helping to resolve disputes over responsibility and reduce drivers’ losses.

 2. Parking surveillance needs

When vehicles are parked for extended periods, they become easy targets for criminals, leading to theft, vandalism, and other problems. The 24-hour G-sensor collision sensing parking surveillance feature of dash cameras can monitor the surroundings of vehicles. In the event of a collision or abnormal situation, relevant footage is immediately recorded, providing protection for drivers and safeguarding vehicle security.

3. Evidence preservation

During driving, drivers may encounter unexpected events such as road rage or intentional collisions. With a dash camera, drivers can use video recordings as evidence to protect their legal rights and effectively deal with various unpredictable situations.

4. Driver assistance requirements

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features can enhance driving safety. For example, lane departure warning and collision warning functions can promptly alert drivers to ensure driving safety, reducing the risk of accidents caused by fatigue or lack of concentration.

Luview dash camera: enhancing driving safety with intelligent navigation

1. High-definition dual recording for comprehensive monitoring

Luview’s dash camera is equipped with a Sony 4K high-definition front camera and an AHD1080P rear camera, enabling dual recording of the front and rear views. This provides comprehensive coverage of the vehicle’s surroundings, ensuring all-round monitoring and capturing any potential accidents or unexpected events.

2. GPS satellite positioning for clear tracking of driving trajectory

Supporting GPS satellite positioning functionality, the camera accurately records the vehicle’s driving trajectory and location information by pulling external GPS signals. This helps users track the vehicle’s location when needed, providing effective vehicle positioning services.

3. 24-Hour parking surveillance to prevent unexpected risks

The Luview dash camera features a 24-hour G-sensor collision sensing parking surveillance function. It can detect collisions or abnormal vibrations when the vehicle is parked, immediately triggering recording and preserving relevant footage. This effectively prevents risks such as theft, robbery, and collisions during parking.

4. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) for enhanced driving safety

With built-in ADAS features, the dash camera provides functions such as lane departure warning and collision warning. It promptly alerts drivers to ensure driving safety, effectively reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents and enhancing driving safety.

5. Multiple power supply options for compatibility with various vehicles

The camera supports power supply from a 12V fuse box or a 5V car charger, flexibly adapting to different vehicle models and power supply environments, ensuring stable operation and reliability of the camera.

6. Multilingual menu for convenient operation

Supporting multiple menu language options, including English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, the camera allows users to select the operating language according to their personal preferences, enhancing the user experience.


The Luview dash camera, equipped with features such as high-definition dual recording, GPS positioning, 24-hour parking surveillance, and ADAS driver assistance, provides comprehensive driving safety protection for drivers. Whether during daily driving or parking surveillance, the Luview dash camera can provide users with reliable video evidence, addressing various challenges that may arise during driving and ensuring driving safety while safeguarding the legal rights of drivers. If you are interested in learning more about Luview’s products or have any collaboration intentions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are committed to providing you with excellent service and working together to create a safer and more comfortable driving environment.

Redesigning driving:LUVIEW electronic rearview mirror monitor system

With the continuous acceleration of urbanization, issues such as traffic congestion and frequent accidents are becoming increasingly prominent. In this situation, drivers are faced with many inconveniences and risks. Common problems include limited visibility, driver fatigue, and traffic accidents caused by blind spots. Especially at night or in adverse weather conditions, these problems become more serious, bringing many troubles to drivers.

The limitations of traditional rearview mirrors

The limitations of traditional rearview mirrors not only include narrow field of view and blind spots, but also encompass the following issues:

Inability to provide a multi-angle view

Traditional rearview mirrors typically provide only a fixed perspective, unable to offer a comprehensive view of the surroundings. This results in potential blind spots in areas behind the vehicle, to the sides, or even on the ground below, increasing the risk of accidents.

Blurred nighttime visibility

Nighttime visibility is often blurry with traditional rearview mirrors due to glare and lighting conditions, making it difficult for drivers to accurately assess the road conditions behind them and increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Inability to provide distance and speed information

Traditional rearview mirrors only provide a simple reflection of the rear view, lacking additional information such as the distance and speed of vehicles behind. This absence of information makes it challenging for drivers to accurately judge the position and speed of other vehicles during maneuvers like overtaking or changing lanes, increasing the risk of driving incidents.

Therefore, the limitation of traditional rearview mirrors lies in their inability to meet the demand for a comprehensive, clear, and information-rich rear view in modern complex traffic environments, consequently affecting driving safety and comfort.

Luview electronic rearview mirror monitor system solution

Luview 12.3-inch electronic rearview mirror monitor system is an innovative solution designed to address the shortcomings of traditional rearview mirrors. By incorporating wide dynamic range technology and a ultra-clear 1080P high-definition display, this system is able to provide a clearer and wider rear view, effectively addressing issues such as blurry visibility and glare blind spots that are common with traditional mirrors in nighttime or adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the design supporting 2CH 1080P camera inputs allows drivers to obtain comprehensive information about the vehicle’s surroundings, significantly reducing the risk of accidents caused by blind spots. The automatic backlight adjustment function automatically adjusts the display screen brightness according to ambient light conditions, ensuring that drivers can obtain a clear rear view in different lighting conditions. The wide dynamic range function processes areas of the image with large differences in brightness to prevent rearview glare issues caused by uneven lighting. Luview’s electronic rearview mirror monitor system provides drivers with a safer and more comfortable driving experience, allowing them to confidently navigate complex traffic environments.


The Luview 12.3-inch electronic rearview mirror monitor system not only provides a wider and clearer field of view, but also effectively enhances driver safety and comfort. Luview has earned widespread trust and praise for its outstanding product quality and excellent customer service. If you are interested in Luview’s products or considering collaboration, please email us at [email protected]. We are dedicated to serving you and working together to create a safer and more comfortable driving environment.

Ensuring Safety for Heavy Commercial Vehicles: Luview Millimeter Wave Radar System

Challenges in modern traffic safety

Safety has always been a paramount concern in modern traffic. With the increase of heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, excavators, bulldozers, and other heavy commercial vehicles on the roads, traffic managers and drivers are facing a series of challenges. These challenges include restricted visibility, accident avoidance, and mitigating potential risks.

Driving challenges and risks

Drivers often face challenges when driving in adverse weather conditions or on complex roadways, which can lead to decreased visibility and increased accident risks. Additionally, heavy-duty vehicles typically have large blind spots, making it more difficult for drivers to maneuver during turns or lane changes, thus increasing the risk of accidents. Furthermore, drivers may encounter unforeseen situations even on familiar routes, requiring them to react quickly.

Luview’s solution: millimeter wave radar system

Luview’s millimeter wave radar system offers an effective solution to these issues. This system incorporates cutting-edge 77GHz millimeter wave radar technology, combined with a 1080P camera and high-definition display, to provide drivers with clear visual and auditory alerts. The system supports 1080P input and output and can specify detection distance and width to adapt to various vehicles and road conditions. Additionally, the system features AHD high-definition video fusion and layer overlay alarm functions, enabling drivers to quickly identify potential hazards and take appropriate action.

Advantages and flexibility

Luview’s millimeter wave radar system enjoys significant advantages in the market. Firstly, its leading-edge technology and reliable quality enable it to maintain stable performance under various complex road conditions. Secondly, the system’s flexibility and configurability allow it to meet the needs of different vehicles and drivers. Most importantly, Luview has earned widespread trust and acclaim for its outstanding product quality and excellent customer service.


In conclusion, Luview’s millimeter wave radar system is a crucial innovation that helps drivers enhance driving safety, reduce accident risks, and improve work efficiency. Whether it’s a truck, excavator, or bulldozer, all can benefit from this advanced technology. If you are interested in Luview’s products or wish to collaborate, please send an email to [email protected]. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent service and jointly committed to creating a safer transportation environment.

Breaking through blind spots: Luview 4 channel HD MDVR system ensures worry-free driving

In today’s increasingly crowded roads, vehicle management and safety have become crucial issues concerning life and property. Especially for large vehicles such as school buses, trucks, and coaches, efficient monitoring and management systems are needed to enhance safety due to their complex operating environments and blind spot issues. The introduction of the Luview 4-channel HD MDVR system has brought a fresh vitality and wisdom to this field.

Are blind spots a serious issue for large vehicles? Let’s explore!

Large vehicles often face numerous safety hazards during daily operation, with one of the most prominent being accidents caused by blind spots. Blind spots refer to areas that drivers cannot directly see while operating a vehicle, posing significant risks for maneuvers such as turning, lane-changing, and parking. This issue is particularly critical in scenarios involving school buses transporting students, trucks loading and unloading cargo, and coaches picking up passengers, where blind spots cannot be overlooked. Although traditional rear-view mirrors can partially alleviate this problem, challenges such as narrow field of vision and blind spot dead zones persist.

Commonly encountered issues

Frequent blind spot accidents: Due to drivers’ inability to observe the surroundings of the vehicle comprehensively, blind spot accidents occur frequently, posing a serious threat to road safety and pedestrian lives.

Inadequate safety management: Traditional monitoring systems fail to cover all corners of the vehicle comprehensively, leading to difficulties in management and limited effectiveness.

High installation costs: Installing traditional monitoring systems requires a significant investment of both time and money, which represents a considerable burden for vehicle operating businesses.

Advantages and solutions

The introduction of the Luview 4-channel HD MDVR system offers an effective and practical solution to tackle the mentioned problems.

Intelligent monitoring system: The Luview 4-channel HD MDVR system integrates artificial intelligence technology, enabling real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s surroundings. It can identify potential hazards and provide drivers with effective warnings and assistance.

Blind spot detection function: The Luview 4-channel HD MDVR system not only supports high-definition recording but also integrates BSD blind spot detection functionality. It comprehensively covers blind spots around the vehicle, significantly reducing the probability of blind spot accidents.

Cost and installation time savings: The Luview 4-channel HD MDVR system features integrated design, eliminating the need for additional installation of ADAS, DMS, or blind spot detection systems. This saves on installation costs and time, making it highly attractive for vehicle operating businesses such as school buses, trucks, and coaches.


The introduction of the Luview 4-channel HD MDVR system brings a innovative solution to safety management for large vehicles. By employing intelligent monitoring and blind spot detection technology, it not only enhances the safety performance of vehicles but also significantly reduces the probability of accidents, ensuring safe driving. With the further dissemination of this technology, we believe our roads will become safer and more efficient, providing a more comfortable travel experience for every pedestrian and driver.

The Luview 4-channel HD MDVR system boasts cutting-edge technology and reliable quality, aimed at safeguarding the safety of your vehicles. For inquiries or collaboration opportunities, please email us at [email protected]. We look forward to embarking on a secure partnership journey with you!

Celebrating March birthdays at Luview: sharing fantastic moments

In this precious March, Luview hosted a birthday party full of warmth. The entire birthday venue was filled with joyful laughter, and everyone was immersed in the festive atmosphere of the birthday celebration.

The entire team of the administration and human resources department carefully decorated the birthday venue. Shown on the large screen, photos of all the birthday party attendees were displayed, making everyone feel valued and loved. Balloons, ribbons, and birthday posters adorned the entire space, creating a cheerful and warm atmosphere, allowing everyone to feel the joy and warmth of the birthday party.

The birthday party venue was beautifully decorated with an assortment of fruits, cakes, and snacks. Everyone came together, sharing laughter and joy, collectively enjoying this special moment.

On this beautiful day, we extend our most sincere wishes and heartfelt blessings to all our Luview members celebrating their birthdays. May your birthdays be filled with joy and wonderful memories, and may your futures be full of endless possibilities!

Warm Celebrations for International Women’s Day | Thoughtful Benefits from the Luview

On International Women’s Day, Luview hosted a heartwarming celebration, preparing thoughtful perks for all female colleagues. On this special occasion, we offered not only exquisite cakes and fresh fruits but also a variety of delicious snacks, along with blooming roses and a special gift filled with love. These gifts symbolized not only Luview’s respect and gratitude to each female colleague but also the company’s recognition and respect for their hard work and dedication.

During the celebration, Luview’s female colleagues were cheerful and enthusiastic, eagerly receiving the company’s thoughtful gifts, indulging in delicious food, and expressing sincere gratitude. We also incorporated fun gaming activities, enhancing interaction among colleagues. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and joy, as everyone enjoyed this special moment. This joyful and united atmosphere made the entire event more lively, enjoyable, and meaningful.


International Women’s Day is not just a holiday for every woman but also a moment for us to celebrate and express gratitude together. On this special day, let us share this warmth and feel the love and care from Luview.