Luview 5-inch digital wireless high-definition system makes driving easier for you!

Driving in busy cities can be tough, especially when you’re trying to reverse or find your way through narrow streets and tight parking spots. There are lots of obstacles and blind spots to worry about, which makes it even more stressful. Plus, you have to stay super focused to avoid accidents with all the traffic, pedestrians, and other stuff going on around you.

But thanks to new technology, things are getting easier. Nowadays, many cars come with smart driving assistance systems that make driving safer and more convenient. One common feature is the reverse assistance system, which uses cameras and sensors to keep an eye on what’s around your car. It gives you a better view and warns you about any dangers, like when you’re reversing or parking. This takes some of the pressure off and helps you stay safe on the road.

In the face of such driving challenges, Luview has launched a brand new 5-inch digital wireless HD system, aiming to provide drivers with a more intelligent and efficient driving assistance solution, helping you easily tackle various road obstacles. Below is a detailed introduction of this product:

  • Wireless connection, convenient installation

Utilizing 2.4G digital wireless connection technology, eliminating the need for cumbersome wiring, the installation process is straightforward, saving time and effort.

  • High-Definition monitor, stunning visuals

Equipped with a 5-inch LCD backlight display screen, boasting a resolution of up to 800*480, delivering clear and lifelike images to ensure a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

  • Intelligent design, non-destructive installation

Featuring a hidden license plate bracket design, installation does not require drilling holes, maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of the vehicle’s body, sealed with adhesive injection molding technology, achieving IP69K waterproof rating, prolonging the product’s lifespan.

  • Versatile configuration, intelligent upgrade

Supporting intelligent features such as image flipping and reverse parking guidelines, equipped with a 1/3 high-definition CMOS sensor, with a minimum illumination of 0.01LUX, and a wide-angle design providing a comprehensive field of view, eliminating blind spots.

Whether it’s daily driving or reverse parking, Luview’s 5-inch digital wireless HD system ensures clear and safe driving, making your driving experience stress-free and enjoyable by helping you overcome various challenges on the road. Say goodbye to driving headaches and enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable journey!

For many years, Luview has been a leader in the field of automotive and other vehicle safety applications, focusing on the development and manufacturing of reverse monitors, car cameras, parking sensors, dash cams, and other automotive monitoring and safety products.

If you are searching for a dependable manufacturer of rearview camera systems or other automotive camera products and solutions, then you’ve come to the right place. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected], and we will spare no effort in providing you with services that exceed your expectations.

Chinese Spring Holiday Notice

Dear friends and customers,

We would like to inform you about our schedule for the upcoming Chinese Spring Holiday:
Holiday period: From Feb.03 to Feb.16, a total of 14 days.
Our entire team will resume work on Feb.17.

We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience caused during this holiday period. If you have any urgent matters or questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support, and we wish you a joyful and prosperous Spring Festival!


Luview 2023 Year-End Awards Ceremony: Striving and Glorious Moments

In this hopeful and passionate new year, Luview held the 2023 Year-End Awards Ceremony, a splendid event aimed at recognizing the outstanding colleagues who have contributed to the company for 5, 10, and 15 years. This ceremony is dedicated to commemorating their journey of struggle and expressing gratitude for their unwavering efforts and remarkable achievements.

For those colleagues who have worked at Luview for five years, you are witnesses and drivers of the company’s growth. Your hard work, wisdom, and talent have enabled the continuous development and expansion of the company. To honor your contributions, we present exquisite 6g gold rings as awards. We hope that this gift will serve as a symbol of glory in your professional journey and as recognition for your loyalty and dedication.

For those colleagues who have worked with the company for 10 years, your talent and perseverance have brought remarkable achievements to the company. You consistently maintain enthusiasm and professionalism in your work, playing a key role in the stability and success of the company. To express our sincerest respect, we bestow upon you magnificent 10g gold necklaces. We hope that this award will serve as a symbol of your pursuit of excellence and also as recognition of your outstanding contributions over the past 10 years.

Lastly, we want to express our highest respect and gratitude to those colleagues who have dedicated 15 years of hard work to the company. You are the backbone of the company, setting an example for others. Your wisdom and experience have contributed to the company’s development in a more stable and sustainable manner. In order to commemorate your exceptional contributions, we present you with dazzling 15g gold medals. We hope that this award serves as a source of inspiration for you to continue moving forward and as a sincere appreciation for your silent dedication over the past 15 years.

The Luview 2023 Year-End Awards Ceremony is an important moment to recognize and appreciate our outstanding colleagues, acknowledging their years of commitment, hard work, and significant contributions to the company. It is an opportunity to celebrate their achievements and extend our warmest congratulations to all the award recipients, expressing gratitude to every member of the team. Let us join together in celebration and look forward to an even more brilliant future!

Luview Fire Drill: Enhancing Safety Awareness and Effectively Responding to Fires

In December, Luview organized a crucial fire drill. The objective of this event was to familiarize employees with emergency evacuation routes, acquaint them with the locations of fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment, and enhance their ability to respond to fires. By participating in this drill, we can adeptly master the procedural steps to be taken in the event of a fire, thereby minimizing potential hazards to the greatest extent possible.

During the drill, we placed particular emphasis on training for the use of fire extinguishers. Understanding fire safety knowledge is crucial as it enables us to identify signs of a fire, comprehend the ways in which fires can spread, and take appropriate actions to extinguish them. We delved into comprehensive learning on the correct usage of fire extinguishers, gaining proficiency in the operational procedures of these devices.


Additionally, we provided a comprehensive explanation of and practical demonstrations on the use of firefighting water hoses. As a crucial firefighting tool, the firefighting water hose is capable of delivering a powerful stream of water to extinguish large-scale fires. During the demonstration, we gained a thorough understanding of the structure and operational principles of firefighting water hoses, as well as the correct procedures for using them to combat fires in emergency situations.

Fire safety is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Let’s work together to create a safe and reliable workplace. Through such drill activities, we can better prepare for emergencies, enhance overall safety awareness, and ensure a secure environment for the company.

Party Time in August: LUVIEW Employees’ Birthday Celebration

In this August, LUVIEW routinely held a warm and joyful birthday party. All the staff of the administrative department carefully arranged the venue, decorated with balloons, ribbons and birthday posters, so that every employee could feel the warmth and care of home.

To make the birthday party more memorable, the company specially prepared surprise gifts and birthday red envelopes for employees born in August. In addition, various delicious fruits, cakes, and snacks were prepared for everyone to enjoy a feast for the taste buds. On this special day, employees not only feel the care and warmth of the company but also share happiness and joy with colleagues.

On this special day, we send our heartfelt wishes and blessings to the birthday employees. May everyone have a successful career, a happy life, and achieve their dreams and goals in the coming year. Let’s continue to work together and create a better future!

Difficult to reverse Luview reversing car camera system can help you !

Difficult to reverse? Luview reversing car camera system can help you !

Accidents because of reversing happened in the life every day, mostly they cause damage to the car, eventually may also cause human deaths. All the accidents that happened during the reversing, it did not mean that the accident happened only to new drivers, those experienced drivers also cause the same accident happened. Facing the blind spots during reversing, we need a reversing camera system for car.

To avoid and reduce this kind of accident, and take into account of drivers’ difficulties in backing up, Luview would like to promote our car reversing camera system that clearly shows the reversing situation with the help of AHD rear view camera JY-663 and 7 inch mounted on dashboard AHD car Monitor JY-M730 next to the driver.

When the driver reverses the car, the mounted on dash lcd monitor automatically switches to reversing screen, so driver can clearly see the places which 2 meters within the car trunk , while the car backing the reverse sensor automatically detects the distance and voice out, Luview 7 inch car monitor especially designed for car rear view system, with quad screen features, four signal input, reducing the accident because of parking blind spot.

7 inch AHD car monitor

Luview – a leader in can and other vehicle safety applications, developing and manufacturing reversing monitors, car cameras, parking sensors, dashboard cameras, and other automotive monitoring and safety products.

For more than 10 years, Luview has provided quality car camera and monitoring products to more than 5 million vehicles! If you are looking for a reliable rear view camera manufacturer or other car camera products and solutions in China, you are coming to the right company, please do not hesitate to contact us today at [email protected], you will get more than sanctification.

Luview 360 degree bird view camera system for car ,truck, bus

Luview 360 degree bird view camera system for car, truck, bus

360 degree car camera system is generally installed on front , rear, left and right sides of the bus and truck, small car etc. An electronic control unit combine the four high-resolution digital camera imaging in a lcd display, the driver just press the button, then he can get full vision around the vehicle from  different angles, it feels like live show. Luview Co., LTD has developed a 360 degree car camera system so that drivers only look at the monitor can see blind spot area that the rearview mirror can not cover.

The corner of the protrusion, the corner of the building and other vehicles on the road can be easily seen, while the driver in a special environment can also be safe operation, such as traffic-intensive cities, narrow loading and unloading ramp ,  or area where the building is chaotic.  Luview’s innovative 360 degree car camera system can even help improve the safety of the car in a parked status because it can be set to a permanent start, which means that when the truck is stopped, the driver can only watch the monitor to monitor the goods on board.

Users can choose the 2D or 3D display mode to observe the car and the surrounding panorama, just press a button and you are able to switch between the two display modes. In the two-dimensional model, the driver’s view field is focused on the nearest distance from the car, and in the 3D mode the surrounding objects and other road users ( cars etc ) can be more easily identified. With better visibility, the driver can not only change the viewing angle, but also control each camera to more accurately and clearly observe a particular area in a complex driving environment. Luview’s new 360 degree car camera system improves the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicle operation – faster operation time, shorter loading and unloading time, reduced traffic accidents, reduced downtime and failure time, reduced cost of damage and repair, and parking of vehicles and the risk of lose goods is also greatly reduced.

The 360 degree camera based monitor system is used as a parking assist in a wide range of applications in high end automotive applications.  Luview’s current 360 degree camera system is particularly suitable for trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles and construction vehicles. Designer not only take into account the different characteristics of these vehicles, but also concerned about the system integration during the vehicle manufacturing process. They also consider the different spatial relationships in the cockpit of different vehicles, as well as the more complex operating environment of commercial vehicles.

Rearview mirror hidden camera system protect yourself and others

Rearview mirror hidden camera system: protect yourself and others

No matter what kind of car you drive, there are still blind spots that stop you from seeing what have to see so as to stop a automobile crash. Many vehicle crashes may have been prevented over the years if only today’s vehicle security camera technology had been used. Currently there are many car camera system in the market, in which a hidden type rearview mirror monitor camera system is very popular and favored by high end car owner. With a rearview mirror hidden camera system, you can feel more secure when driving. Using a rearview mirror hidden camera system will give you better vision for what is coming up around you and help to prevent an accident.

Since even today’s new vehicle still have blind spots, add hidden carera system can better ensure vehicle security and safety. It is a safety precaution we all need in today’s world. Now that you know how a rearview mirror hidden camera system can help you in preventing an accident, we’ll cover how it really works and the system features below:

This rearview mirror hidden camera system consist of a 7 inch replacement digital rear view mirror monitor, mini rear view camera and video transmitter including cables. The following is an overview of the features available on the rearview mirror hidden camera system:

* Built in high definition camera – Featuring digital with a 1/4 inch CMOS sensor,648 x 488 pixels, 170°super wide view angle, 15 ft night vision distance,and the top rated IP69K waterproof level make it reliable even in raining days.The 170°super wide view angle ensures your car with no blind spots on the rear part.This camera can be mounted on the rear license plate position, which make it almost visible in your car, that’s why we say it hidden camera.

* Extra Wireless transmitter – With the additional wireless transmitter, you don’t need the annoying wiring in your vehicle.

* Easy to Read LCD Monitor – The monitor is a 7 inch digital LCD replacement mirror monitor that plays or replays activity on your rearview camera. It use the modern touch screen control, which ensures the maximum visible screen size.

This rearview mirror hidden camera system is truly the most revolutionary approach to provide yourself with more effective vehicle security and peace of mind. Please contact [email protected] or visit our official website if you want to know further information about this rearview mirror hidden camera system.

Backup camera system improve reverse safety for car, SUV, truck ,van

Backup camera system: improve reverse safety for car, SUV, truck ,van

While most driver feeling that driving a car could be very safe, but most of them agree that there would be an issue while reversing. When reversing, it may be very tough to see objects like rails or obstacles because they can’t be seen from rear view mirror. That is the common issue when driving any vehicle, however it’s even worse in an SUV. Generally speaking, the larger the vehicle is, the bigger the blind spots are. Fortunately, backup camera system can help to improve visibility when reversing.

Backup camera system help drivers to notice even the tightest spots and will not hit anything. A backup camera system usually consist of a rear view camera, dashboard mounted monitor,signal transfer system ( or wire ).The digital camera installed on the rear side of the vehicle will sends signals to the dashboard mounted monitor by wires or wireless signal transfer system. Drivers can view the monitor and see exactly what’s going on behind their vehicle. The back up camera system can prevent most unwanted accidents when used correctly and protect your own safety as well as saving your money. A rear view mirror can’t detect a child playing behind your car, the backup camera system can detect it easily.

Backup camera system can be a lifesaver when driving a recreational vehicle or heavy duty truck ( especially truck carrying containers ).Parking into a camping house or boat dock is a piece of cake when backup camera system is installed and used. Currently, most new vehicles are equipping a backup camera system as a part of the standard package.But it is still easy to add backup camera system to old vehicle or new vehicle without this package.

When shopping for backup camera system, you need to consider size of the vehicle it will be mounted on. Backup camera system for truck or recreational vehicle is totally different than what can be used on a compact car for daily usage. One factor you should consider in the backup camera system is night vision ability. Generally, choose a backup camera system with 20-40ft night vision distance is good enough for most vehicle.

There are two types of backup camera system available in the market – wired and wireless. The wired backup camera system is the cost saving option, however the wired backup camera system installation is a bit difficult than the wireless backup camera system. You need to consider the cost of install the backup camera system,especially when you shopping the backup camera system from online shop like, if you would like to DIY your own backup camera system, you can figure it out finally, i am sure. Also, buying a backup camera system from a retailer shop or vehicle service stop, most of them provide free installation service, or at least the price you pay already included the installation package.

Buy for a reliable backup camera system for one time and it will work for many years. A lot of manufacturers are selling good quality branded backup camera systems at a fair price. It is a good idea to check reviews provided by other customer before you place an order online for backup camera system, Generally,A good quality backup camera system will cost around 150USD-200USD, which is a small price to pay for considering the safety it can provided. If you ask anybody who already installed backup camera system on their vehicles, they will proudly tell you it worth the money.

Luview Co., LTD has been engaged in providing high quality backup camera system as well as other vehicle camera products and solutions for car, SUV, truck, van and other vehicle. Either you want to be a Luview camera products dealer or want to find a local dealer of Luview vehicle camera products, you can send email to : [email protected] for more details.

dashboard camera button instructions

2 CH HD WiFi Car dashboard camera user manual

This 2 CH HD WiFi Car dashboard camera use the NOVATEK 96663  sensor + 2 CH SONY 322 program which creates the highest quality car dashboard camera and built in WiFi mode controlled by mobile phone, it brings users a different driving experience.

Product Specifications

Operating Voltage DC 9-18V
Operating Current 300mA士10mA
Storage Medium Micro SD card (maximum 32G, TF card)
Sensor IMX322   2M CMOS
Lens F2.0 Super large aperture 6pcs full glass HD lens
LCD screen 2.0 inchC960X240)HD TFT LCD screen
Audio o Built-in microphone /801W Speaker
Audio   Format MP4 H.264
Audio Format AAC
Photo Format JPEG
Photo   size 12M(4032×3024   )
Video Record FHD 1080P 30FPS

FHD 1080P 30FPS+1080P 30FPS

HD 720P 1280*720   120 /60/30FPS WVGA 840*480   VGA 640*480

Operating Temperature -20°C~70°C
Operating Humidity 15~85%RH

Production Functions

Functions Compendium
HD Recording Up to 1920x1080P and 30FPS impacted continuous recording and

no data missing



Take the HD photo by the PHOTO key during the recording.
Synchro Sound


Synchro sound recording can be achieved when video recording and also can be

 turned off the sound recording

Video Playback Stored video files can be played back through the mobile phone APP or playback

 after downloaded it.

Video Output Output Synchronized the CVBS(NTSC) video and can be played with car monitor or other devices
WiFi Connection Control/monitoring driving video via WiFi, supports playback/download

 Product Accessories


Standard Accessories

Car dash cam 1pcs User Manual 1pcs
Power Cable 1pcs Quality Certificate 1pcs
Warranty Card 1pcs

Power cable and video cable connection. The product with 3 power lines and please connect them as the following:

Lines Definitions Functions



12V DC

Connect to the normal power car battery

anode(BATT +).





Connect to the car ACC power;

the car dash cam will work when the ACC is 12V

Black GND GND, connect to car battery cathode
RCA male connector Video output connect  the  CAR  DVD  screen.  Please  handle  it  with

insulating tape if it is disconnected.

Notice: please connect the cables strictly as the above requirements, and use the cables which come with the product. Otherwise, maybe it shows the card is full, video can not be play, or time
is incorrect. We won’t be responsible for anything which cause by the false cable connection.

The dashboard camera will open the WiFi mode and stat recording automatically when powered on, at the same time, the blue light will be flashing.

Issues Problem shooting method
Camera  can’t  be  added  by APP 1, Set to turn on the WIFI
2, Set to open mobile phone permissions.
3, Uninstall the app and re-install it, allow permissions when prompted.
Can not record properly 1, Change the TF card to Class 10 card or format the TF card.
2, Set to change the resolution.
3, Make sure the TF card is installed correctly (when install the card, there will be a sound showed up).
4, Delete the useless files which stored in the TF card to release space.
Video is not clear 1, Set to change the resolution.
2, Make sure the camera lens is clear, if not, please clean the camera lens.
Dashboard camera works normally but buttons can’t work Use a needle to press the reset button in the reset hole or restart the dashboard cam.
Please be careful to use the reset button, it may lead to data loss.
The video can’t be played normally or the sound is not normally when playback the video on the computer If video can’t be played normally, please change another player to play the video. If sound is not normally, it may because of the bad performance of the speaker, please change to a better performance speaker, please use the laptop to playback the video.
Mosaic showed when playback the video 1, Move closer to the dashboard camera to strengthen the WIFI signal.
2, Set to lower the phone video resolution.
3, Use a higher-profile phone.

Warm Tips!

The system supports 32G micro SD memory card maximum .In order to ensure the quality of the recording ,please use genuine SD card ; non- genuine SD card may cause the date loss or damage. The company shall not be responsible for any loss caused by using non- genuine SD card due to the user .Please use CLASS 10 level of high -speed memory card .It is forbidden to pull or insert SD card   when the system   is turn on ,so that damaged the SD card .

The driving recorder only available for +12 power supply system ,can’t use +24v power supply system .Such as the common bus ,trucks and other commercial vehicles.Please confirm the voltage before installation ! The company shall  not responsible for any damage caused by over pressure use .Such as damage of driving recorder ,smoke fire and other risks.

Product instructions

 Appearance introduction, this product is a universal car dashboard camera.

Universal car dashboard camera appearance instructions
Product status indicated by red or blue light. Red light when power on / stop recording.
Blue light flashing when recording, Red light flashing when without SD Card or something wrong with SD card. Red light when stop recording.

dashboard camera button instructions1.PowerSwitch:Short press to start /stop  Long press to power off. Short press to power on when in the Power Off mode. It is the Enter key when it in the Menu mode, it can be start playing or stop playing in the Playback mode.
2.Upwards:Short press to take pictures when recording, it is the Upwards button or Rightwards button in the Menu  Long press to switch video output display and screen display.
3.Downwards:Short press to power on/off the MIC when recording, it is the Downwards button or Leftwards button in the Menu  Long press to enter Mode(Long press at the first time in the Recording mode to switch to the Photographing mode, long press at the second time to enter the Playback mode. Long Press when the Playback mode stops Playing to back to the Recording mode.)
4.Menu:Short press to awaken/shut the back light of the screen when  Short press to set the menu and long press to turn on/off the WiFi when no recording.
5.Reset:Short press to reset/restart the device.
6.SOSLock:Short press to lock the current recording  Long press to switch the front camera and backup camera for recording. Sequence is current recording camera to front camera to backup camera and circulating.

dashboard camera storage folder

The file will be divided in two folders ,Remote Camera (The driving recorder folder) and Local Media(The phone download local folder).Click “Remote Camera” to enter the driving recorder files .

dashboard camera captured videos

choose video files “Movie” or photo files “Photo” to browse;then click the select required playback or downloaded files will pop-up the need action option.

dashboard camera local media options

Click  “local media”  in folder main menu to enter phone folder ,will display the video and camera that have been downloaded on your phone memory card.
Stop/ Open Video button : Click   to start / stop
Take a picture : Click this  icon to take a HD pictures in photo mode, click to snap pictures in video mode

Installation instructions

Note: car dashboard camera tail from the car proof position must be greater than 7 mm, otherwise can’t be normal cannibalized in the future.

Storage reference data of the SD card

The film resolution 4G 8G 16G 32G
1920×1080(30fps) 34min 68min 136min 272min
1280×720(30fps) 50min 80min 160min 320min
Photograph 2720photos 5440min 10880photos 21760photos

Product Settings

When stop recording, short press Menu button to enter the Video setting menu, then short press to enter the System setting menu. It will retreat from the menu and back to recording when press it at the third time.

dashboard camera setting

Video menu options include: video resolution– set video recording resolution; loop recording — set the video package file time; exposure compensation– set the exposure value; motion detection– turn on / off motion detection function; video audio setting — video recording audio switch; date label– set video watermark time.

The settings menu contains:

Turn on/off WIFI;

Date/Time– Set the date or time(press power button to enter the date settings page, press up/down keys to select the years, press power button to save the year info and it will automatically enter the month setting page, do the same as above to set the month or day info and date display format);

Auto Power Off– set the time of auto power off; Button Sound– set if you need to make a sound when press buttons;

Language Settings– set languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian,Chinese simplified, traditional, Russian, Japanese.

The frequency of the light source– 50Hz or 60Hz optional, to synchronize the frequency of external light source to reduce flicker;

Format– format memory card.

Default Settings– restore the default settings, after pressing confirm, all the parameters WiFi be returned to the factory default settings.

VER(version)- view the native software version. 

Recording Function

Video recording is the basic function of the product, this product using top Novatek 96663 platform provides HD quality video recording which is far more than other platforms.

Video Recording Turn on

Automatically turn on the video function

Insert TF card, the function will automatically turn on when the product is powered and turned on.

Manual turn on/off video recording

1, Short press the power button to turn on/off the function

2, Press the   button on the phone to turn on/off the function

Video Recording Indicator

The blue light start flashing when the function is turned on

Loop Recording

When the TF Card is full, the latest video files will overwrite the old video files. Take system default 1920 x 1080p 30fps for example, the video file is 80MB per minute, if TF card is 8GB, it will be full after about one hour, and new video files will overwrite old video files.

WiFi Connection

After confirm the wifi of driving recorder and the WIFI menu of the phone are open ,finding the WIFI:NVT_CARDV, enter the password:12345678 to connect

dashboard camera Wifi settings

APP Connection

After WiFi connection is successful ,open the installed APP(NovaCam) connected to driving recorder rear-time control interface

dashboard camera APP connection setting

Emergency Recording

The product’s can monitor the change of acceleration at any time with G-sensor sensor built-in, when the acceleration change non-normally (collision, emergency brake, etc.), the emergency recording function will be triggered, the emergency video file will be saved in the TF Card root directory \Novatek\LOCK folder, files in this folder will not be covered. But TF card available space will be reduced with too many useless event files inside, we recommend timely cleaning: to remove unwanted files which stored in ‘LOCK’ folder.

Videos Saved in Segments

Normal video files stored in the TF card root directory \ Novatek \ MOVIE folder, in order to prevent the loss caused by the accidentally damage of the video files , the product using the short video storage; each video files can seamless connect to the neighboring files. The lack of the video files won’t happen.

APP Connection

After WIF connection is successful ,open the installed APP(NovaCam) connected to driving recorder rear-time control interface

Camera Capture Function

The product has high-definition photos capture function, when recording, short press the button to take picture; The picture will be named “year – month – day – hours – minutes – seconds -000.JPG”, the pictures will be stored in the root directory of the TF Card \Novatek\PHOTO folder.

Video Playback

When non-recording, long press the button to go into the ‘camera’ mode, long press again the  button to go into the video playback interface, select one of the video files and press the power button, the video will be played, press button to stop paying the video and long press the button to exit video playback interface.

Audio Recording Function

The product has the function of synchronous recording of the video; if no need synchronous audio recording, short press the key or set the microphone to close in the setting menu .

WIFI Connection

The product has WiFi connection capabilities, smart phones, computers and other terminal equipment can connect the WiFi to view/control the product.

Install Mobile Terminal APP

Please use a mobile phone to scan the two-dimensional code or enter the URL to install APP; Apple IOS users :, in store App, search NovaCam, you can download for free.

dashboard camera app download ocr code for ios cellphone

Android APP: search “NovaCam” to download the app

dashboard camera app download ocr code for Android cellphone

WiFi opening

Press the Menu keyOr enter the menu settings page to open / close WiFi,after open the wifi ,driving recorder will serve as a WIFI hot spots ,WiFi SSID is the   NVT_CARDV plus a group of random code,password is :12345678. The display shows as following after the wifi openning :

Wifi connection status