15 Sets 2MP Waterproof Car Reversing System for Mercedez Benz in Santiago, Chile

Project Time: Sep 29th, 2021

Project Location: Santiago, Chile

Product Used: 2MP waterproof car reversing system (JY-680+JY-MR07)

Qty:  15 sets

Features:  use 1/2.9 AHD sensor, support AHD 2 million pixels, waterproof, mirror switching and ruler control; with night vision function, infrared distance is 10 meters.

JY-680 third brake light camera for Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2007-2022, Freightliner Sprinter 2001-2021 & VW Crafter 2007-2016

Customer source

My name is Cassie who joined the Luview family on August 9th, 2021; since I am new to the vehicle industry, I am not familiar with this industry and products, and I am completely a novice. In the early stage, I mainly learn company’s products, including the production process and testing of the products, as well as company’s rules and regulations. My sales manager Joy forwarded an email and asked me to follow up on 23rd, Sep. By checking previous email, I learned that this is a customer contacted by a former colleague on Alibaba in June, but has not received a reply from the customer. On August 7th, the customer replied to the email and asked former colleague to quote him a brake light camera. On September 7th, the client urged us to give him a quote again.

Communication process

I took over this client on the 23rd. I was very excited to receive the email, because after reading the previous email, I felt that this was a potential customer, and it was also the first time I received an accurate inquiry.

After carefully researching the client’s official website, I found that the client is committed to car service industry which provides fleet service in Chile and has an online store to sell car accessories. After knowing the background of customer, I quoted for customer on 24th.

After the price was quoted, the customer did not reply. During the period, I also kept calling and sending emails to the customer. Until the 28th, the customer asked us to arrange a sample and said he would pay. Since it was National Day, I told the customer to come back after the holiday and we would arrange production immediately and inform the delivery date, and the customer agreed.

We arranged sample production and shipped to customers shortly after the holiday. Before sending the sample, I took a video of the product’s functional test for reference, and told the customer in advance how we wired to the customer.


After the customer’s test, he found that our product could not be connected to the customer’s car radio because of signal mismatch. After the communication with customer, I learned that the customer’s car radio was also bought from from a supplier in Shenzhen. The customer wanted us to go to his car radio supplier to solve the problem and gave me the relevant contact information.

After I get this information back to our sales manager, she suggested me to communicate with R&D department and visit the factory of customer’s supplier to solve the problem together.

The next day afternoon, engineer director and I went to the customer’s car radio supplier company to find out the problem. After testing, we found that our product could match their car radio. The salesman from the car radio supplier told that they have recently upgraded the software, and the customer may be given an old version of the software. It happened that the car radio supplier had a batch of goods to send to the customer, so we reached an agreement with the car radio supplier and the customer that when the new batch of vehicle radio arrives, the customer can first take our products and test the connection with the new car radio.

Current state

After testing the new car radio on the customer’s side with our camera, the reason for the mismatch of the signal is solved. From this case, I have benefited a lot from being attentive to the client’s needs and teamwork. Now, the customer has placed 3 new orders which is a good start, and we will strengthen the cooperation with other rear-view systems in the future.

Customer service is a top priority for us. If you need any suggestion on vehicle safety products, our expert staff are at hand to answer your questions. Any automatic car security product requirements, please feel free to contact us [email protected] .

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