1400 PCS 5 Inch Waterproof Digital LCD Monitor JY-M550 for Bern, Switzerland

Project Time: 31st Aug, 2021

Project Location: Bern, Switzerland

Product Used: 5 inch digital LCD Waterproof monitor JY-M550

Qty:  1400pcs

Features:  Supports video input from two cameras at the same time; images can be flipped up and down from left to right.

JY-M550 2 CH 5 inch IP69K waterproof flipped image TFT monitor

Case background

AE Company is located in Bern, Switzerland, mainly engaged in the research& development and design of passenger vehicle models and platforms in the fields of traditional fuel powered and new energy vehicles. Up to now, AE has 13 industrial parks around the world. In 2021, AE entered a new stage of R & D and they need to purchase high quality waterproof monitors to improve the vehicle experience and driving safety.

Case review

In the afternoon of 31st August, 2021, M found our company website and left an email, he seemed to be very anxious. From the Email I learned that AE is a manufacturer in the automotive industry and they need to purchase waterproof monitor urgently. We felt the urgency of our customers so we replied the email immediately.

In order to recommend the best product mix to our customers, I asked M if he need waterproof cameras to match our waterproof monitor. The next day, he replied that they already have cameras and monitors but the monitors are not waterproofed. So they want to test our waterproof monitors. In the next email I asked M what is the connector of their camera, and he sent me a RCA connector picture. After knowing his requirement, we sent JY-M750 specification and quotation to M. In September 2nd, M told me that their R & D said 7 inch monitor is too big, whether we can send 300 pcs 5 inch waterproof monitor JY-M550 quotation. M attached a PO for 10pcs JY-M550 in the email.

I sorted out the quotation and proforma invoice and sent it to M on the same day and received the payment from M on the next day. The samples were successfully sent to M within 10 working days. After receiving the sample, M happily sent the test picture of our product on their vehicles and said the test worked well.

He subsequently ordered 170pcs waterproof monitors on September 17th and 220 pcs waterproof monitors on November 3rd. He also asked about the demand for 1,000 sets of waterproof monitors next year. Most exciting thing is that on December 15, 2021, we received the full payment of 1000 sets of M550 from customers in advance.

From the constant orders, I am very grateful to the customers for their trust in me and their recognition of the quality of our company’s products. It is a great encouragement for me to receive good comments from customers, and we are very happy to help customers to solve their needs. This is also the driving force for Luview to keep moving forward.

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