200 Sets 360 Bird View Forklift Camera System for Saudi Arabia

Project Time: 16th Aug, 2021

Project Location: Saudi Arabia

Product Used: 360 bird view camera system for forklift

Qty:  200 Sets

Features:  360 surround viewing system, timely detection of potential dangers hidden in blind spots, and no blind spots in all directions, can be used for RVs, school buses, trailers, trucks and other vehicles to help drivers easily check the surroundings of the vehicle.

JY-BV360 360 degree panoramic image surround view backup camera system

Case background

KE was from a manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia. He wanted to purchase our 360 bird view system for operation vehicles of the company’s warehouse usage.

Case review

At 3 pm on August 16, 2021, an inquiry came from the Alibaba. It is an inquiry from a customer named KE from Saudi Arabia who is looking for a 360 view camera system. He wanted to know the voltage of the product, how it is loaded on the forklift, the accessories of the product, the price of the product and shipping cost to Saudi Arabia.

In the afternoon of the same day, we replied the customer that the voltage is 12-24V. If there are special needs, we can also make it 12 to 50V. Product accessories includes 4 cameras, 1 host, 1 monitor and 4 extension cables. KE sent pictures of 2 types of forklifts to me.

Soon we gave the customer a JY-BV360 solution and asked him if he need a forklift camera to be mounted on the fork to watch the goods. KE said that at the moment he didn’t need it. After sending an offer to the client, KE hired a Saudi agent named IG to deal with us. IG first talked to us about the price, and wanted to get more profit so I asked IG what their purchase quantity was. IG said that the customer had no purchase plan. If the sample test passed, the customer would equip all forklifts in their warehouse with our 360 system.

Based on this, I told the customer that the sample would be based on the price quoted before, and the bulk orders would reduce the price according to the quantity. Then, we asked if IG had SABAR qualification to import the goods, because our sales manager was very experienced in exporting goods to Saudi Arabia. IG said they have SABAR qualification to import the goods and told us don’t worry.

Proforma invoice was sent via Alibaba to customers that night, and IG paid at 3 a.m. of their local time. We sent the 360 bird view camera kit sample to Saudi Arabia within 5 days, and IG successfully received the goods within 10 days. 5 days later, IG told me that the test went well, and he placed an order for 200 sets of 360 forklift camera systems to me in October, 2021.

We cherish every opportunities to cooperate with every customers, create value for customers, and improve the vehicle safety. If you are looking for a 360 vehicle camera system, please email [email protected]. We are always online to reply your needs and offer you the most professional advice and service.

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