1000pcs Waterproof Rear View System for Importer from England

Project Time: Jan 28th, 2022

Project Location: England

Product Used: Waterproof rearview camera sytem composed of JY-755 waterproof monitor & JY- 668 side view camera with 5 meters cable used for vehicles.

Qty:  1000pcs

Case background

28th January was a good day for family reunion. Because it was Chinese New Year holiday in 2022. We received an email from S with the subject ”can someone please contact me”. In the email, S stated that he was interested in the waterproof lcd display and needed more details. He hoped that someone could contact him.

Case review

Our sales manager Joy made a phone call to the customer, asked about the customer’s needs and learned that the customer wanted our 7-inch waterproof monitor JY-M755, side view camera JY-668 and a 5-meters extension cable. S mentioned this is a new venture with a New Company, they would like to enhance their UK built RADAR and they thought our quality manufactured product was a fantastic fit.

We sent the quotation to S that night, and the customer quickly determined the number of samples after receiving the quotation. On the next day, S found me and said that the camera in his hand had 150°view angle instead of the 120°given in the quotation. We explained to S that the lens of the camera is behind the glass and cannot reach 150°. If a 150°camera is required, it needs to be changed to JY-668B with exposed camera lens. S said he needed to keep the look the same, but the angle needed to be 150°.

Later, we explained to the customer that it may be caused by different testing methods. S said that he would like to send me the samples in his hand. After a long wait, we got the sample from the customer at DHL’s service site after 10 days and arranged for testing right away. After comparison, the angle of our JY-668 camera was almost the same as the angle of the sample in the customer’s hand.

Then I made a table of the angle comparison and test photos of the two cameras and sent it to the customer. After receiving the email, the customer confirmed the angle problem and paid for 2 sets of samples that night. The samples were sent to the customer within 7 working days, and the customer was very satisfied after the test. S is negotiating an order for the remaining 1000 sets right now.

Thank you very much for client’s trust in our products, and we hope to get more cooperation opportunities with S !

Even during the Spring Festival holiday, we still work in front of the computer, always ready to reply to customer’s emails and solve customer’s needs! If you have any rear view system needs, please contact [email protected]. We will provide the best & most professional service as well as the best quality products to meet the customers’ needs.

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