500pcs IP68 Waterproof Side View Cameras for Western Cape, South Africa

Project Time: December 15th, 2021

Project Location: Western Cape, South Africa

Product Used: JY-671 and JY-688 side view cameras

Qty:  250pcs Side View Camera JY-671 and 250pcs Side View Camera JY-688

Features:  Waterproof grade IP68, support mirror switch, with night vision function, infrared distance is 10 meters.

500pcs IP68 Waterproof Side View Cameras for Western Cape, South Africa

Customer source

On the evening of December 7, 2021, We received the purchase information from Andy to find the dome cameras. He is a professional solution provider in South Africa who provides video tracking services to vehicles. He has been operating his service locally for more than 10 years. Started sourcing from China in 2014, Andy decided to look for a new Chinese supplier due to stock availability issues from his previous supplier.

Customer follow-up

After he added our WeChat, our manager Joy assigned him to me to follow up, and we had a simple communication. We learned that the customer wanted CCD sensor instead of AHD, and preferred Sharp chip, because it was cheaper than Sony, We could infer that Andy is very professional and has clear needs.

He sent his customer’s needs to us, “The customer requested that he want to see the fuels tanks as well as down the side of the trailer.” For fuels tanks, we recommended “explosions” camera” JY-EX01, but Andy’s customer wants to solve the problem of the side view blind spot of fuels tanks, so we recommend JY-671. And Andy mentioned a very important requirement later, “for side view camera, all the water that comes off the wheels goes on to the cameras and the cameras become full of water and stop working”, For this issue, we knew Andy needs a waterproof side-view camera. After we confirmed the angle of 120° and the target price with Andy, we provided two solutions and recommended the JY-671 and JY-688 side-view waterproof IP68 cameras for his reference.


Andy put forward a new requirement, “camera works in both truck and buses as well as small vehicles, have good IR to see driver at night, good wide angle to see inside of vehicle”. For dome camera, we recommend JY-D12 and JY-D16, but Andy thought that our two products are a bit large, so we finally moved forward to side view camera. Andy asked us for the quotation of AHD 720P and CCD for JY-671 and JY-688.

After we quoted the price , Andy said our unit price is a bit high. For the price, I persuaded Andy from the waterproof test of our product and our after-sales service. “For each of our cameras, we will finish 8 hours water soaking test. If there is some fog in the camera glass, then we will take out it, which means the products with fog fails in the waterproof test. We have 13 months warranty for clients, 1 month longer than our competitor. If there are some faulty cameras, our whole after-sales team will give us analysis report and then you could send it back to us. Our maintenance department will maintain it for you free of charge during the warranty period.” Then Andy asked me to make PI on the evening of December 8th , and we received the full payment two days later.

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