2MP Explosion-proof Camera for Fuel and Oil Truck in London, UK

Project Time: Feb 3rd, 2022

Project Location: London, UK

Product Used: 2MP explosion-proof camera JY-EX01-05

Qty:  2pcs JY-EX01-05 and other on-going orders

Features:  use 1/2.9 SONY sensor, support AHD 2 million pixels, waterproof and explosion-proof, support mirror switching and ruler control, with night vision function, infrared distance is 13 meters.

JY-EX01 explosion-proof camera with stainless steel housing and Infrared LEDs

Case background

Customer Ian found our contact information from Luview official website on 3rd Feb, 2022. He sent exact product link which is 720P explosion-proof camera to us and inquire about quotation for 10 pcs and 40 pcs. After researching customer’s official website and found it is a professional automotive electronics solution provider. There are many similar products in our field listed in their product catalog. Considering explosion-proof camera speciality and detailed company background, our sales manager Joy and I attached great importance to this inquiry.


I organized product parameters and detailed quotation for customer on Feb 4th 2022. After waiting for about a week and still don’t get any reply, I called directly to communicate with the customer. During the call, the customer was asked to check the email. After hanging up the phone, the customer replied our email and asking us for the technical data sheet and certification of our explosion-proof camera products.

And the Boss Joe emailed me directly on 10th Feb and told me to prepare the PI of the 35pcs 720P explosion-proof camera, and they would arrange the payment.

Since it is the first time for a new customer to buy an explosion-proof camera, we recommend that customer take a sample to test first. If there is a problem with product or customer has new requirements, we can directly modify it. After communicating with the customer, the customer agreed.

According to Luview standard process, we made sample for the customer. After receiving the sample, the customer expressed that they were very satisfied with the product and said that the remaining 34pcs explosion-proof cameras were directly replaced with 1080P, no need to send 1080P samples. I felt a great sense of pride in the recognition of our products and the trust our customers have placed in us.

According to the customer’s request, we carried out the second sample delivery of the 1080P explosion-proof camera. This time, the customer had no doubts about product quality, but the customer wanted to increase camera angle to 150 degrees. After several rounds of discussion and confirmation with R&D department, we could make a big angle and propose two solutions for customers’ reference, and quickly verified the first solution.

After verification on the first solution, this way was not feasible because of misty problems in the night, and the customer did not agree with it, Then we set out verifying the second solution which needed about a month and a half. Since the customer’s delivery time is very urgent, adhering to the concept of honesty and integrity, we directly tell the customer the actual situation, and the customer also expresses his understanding. Although it is a pity that this project was not completed, the customer is very satisfied with our service and is willing to make credit note for balance.  Now customers are inquiring about our other rear view products, hope this is a good start.

If you have any new projects and any questions on vehicle rear view safety products, please call  0086-755-27042170 or email us [email protected], one of our sales representative will get back to you soon.

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