200pcs smart car tire pump inflator for Warsaw, Poland

Project Time: Feburary 22nd 2022

Project Location: Warsaw, Poland

Product Used: smart tire pump JY-A2 for car, bicycle, motorcycle

Qty:  200pcs

Features:  Suitable for inflation of all inflatable products including balloons, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, electric tires, wheelchair, cars etc.

A1 Tire Inflator

Customer source

On the morning of February 22, 2022; we received the purchase information from Alan in our official website, and he attached a screenshot of his WeChat QR code. At that time, the thought in my mind was that this customer should be an experienced importer who often purchases goods from China, because he uses WeChat to communicate with suppliers. In order to know more about the customer I made some research about him before adding his WeChat, I looked at the customer’s purchase information, noticed his company name, conducted a simple background check and saved the customer’s website link in case needed later.

Customer follow-up

After doing the background investigation, I have a clear direction and enough confidence to follow up this customer. At 16:08 China time on February 22, I added the customer’s WeChat account. Since the time I added him was the working hours in Europe, Alan agreed to my friend request after 20 minutes.

But without any foundation of trust, I didn’t start by selling the product but by understanding the customer and their company first. Fortunately, he is easy-going and willing to share. Alan told me that they were looking for a smart air pump to broaden their product line, this is their product expansion plan for this year, and also told me about their market scale, company main products, then he sent me some videos of their warehouses and some product marketing advertisements, and also talked a lot about their company strength. I felt very happy. I met a customer who has the same business philosophy as our company. They also like new products and updates their own product line.


Alan took about 40 minutes to introduce their company to me and then started to go straight to the topic. His demand was very clear so I knew he was a professional buyer. He asked six points of information including MOQ, custom color box, silk screen logo on products, samples, shipping and payment, of course I replied him very quickly, because we are a manufacturer so we can provide OEM services. Then Alan asked me to send a quotation. This conversation lasted about two hours, we have provided the information he needed, and then he started his crazy busy work. We started the mode of waiting for the customer to reply to the quotation. We waited two full days without hearing back from the customer regarding the offer.

On the afternoon of February 24th, I was so excited that I finally received a customer response! But he said “We need to hold on it know, because of the situation on the Ukraine unfortunately.” The loss in my heart was only for a moment, I knew that Alan was my potential customer and there would be orders for me in the future.

Surprisingly, I didn’t expect the order to come so fast after 4 days, Alan said “I am coming back to ask for the electric air pumps.” And he brought a new air pump for us to quote, this one is a hot-selling product, it sold very well on some e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. We immediately asked our purchasing manager to ask our cooperating suppliers to find this product and quickly quoted it to him. He ordered a total of 200pcs air pump, one smart tire inflator and one pedal tire inflator.

Thanks for Alan’s trust and support to our company, and thank him for bringing new product information to us. If you are looking for a professional hot sale smart air pumps manufacturer, and you are also in the vehicle industry, please kindly contact us at [email protected] to inquire about smart air pumps. We will provide good quality and competitive price air pump to you and trust this product can help you expand your market and increase sales.

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