100pcs CVBS Rearview Shutter Camera for Rear View System in Kielce, Poland

Project Time: March 2nd, 2022

Project Location: Kielce, Poland

Product Used: rearview shutter camera

Qty:  100pcs

Features:  Use 1/3 CMOS sensor, support analog hd video 700TVL, waterproof grade IP69K, support mirror switching and ruler control functions, with night vision function, infrared distance is 10 meters.

JY-678 IP68 auto shutter rear view camera with AHD sensor

Customer source

This customer found our website, and sent an inquiry to us at the end of October 2021, we replied this inquiry within 2 hours, but didn’t get any reply again. After surfing his website very carefully, we surprisingly found that he is our accurate potential customer in the same field, so I am very excited to keep his information to my list of potential clients. I found that this customer has more than 10 years of rich purchasing experience in our car security industry after careful research and analysis of his website. Therefore, I sent the first development letter to him in November 2021. He has read it but did not reply. I sent the second development letter a month later. The development letter was still read but not replied, and then I continued to send him development letters monthly, totally about five or six development letters on other topics.

Customer follow-up

Since I have sent several development letters, the customer had a general impression of me and knew that we are a manufacturer of automotive electronics. Finally, at 7:00 pm on March 2, 2022, he sent me a new product Inquiry about our classic rear-view flip camera.

Firstly, he confirmed the connector of the cable with me. Later, he added a new function, which requires our camera cover will be automatically open when powered on, and automatically close when powered off. After confirmation with our engineer in R&D department, we can meet his needs. We are very happy to tell him this news and want to know whether he has a firm order demand, so asked the approximate quantity and estimated order time.

However, he said ”We are currently suspending all purchases. Due to Russia’s armed attack on Ukraine, sales are very weak, and the currency, including the dollar, is very expensive.” I was very discouraged at that time, because there were no new orders at that time, and it had been 4 months since I came to our company, and only two new customers were developed. Then, I also reported that this Polish customer has no orders yet to my director in our weekly meeting. My sales director is very far-sighted and tells me that it’s okay. The customer has no order demand now, but there will be orders in the future. What we have to do is to meet the customer’s demand and provide solution. When everything is good, he will place orders.


With the belief of not asking for orders but solving the needs of customers first, I continue to communicate with customers. He is very professional because he asked us many details about what our engineers will work on this new function and how we achieve it on March 10th. I immediately called our camera project director to discuss the working principle and send back a quick professional reply to this customer.

On March 11th, he asked about the price of 100PCS. It took only less than an hour to send the quotation to him. Then he requested to send him the PI of 100pcs, at once after getting quote, and placed an order for 100 directly without testing samples. I gave him PI then. Half an hour later, we were super delighted to receive his transfer bank slip. Before placing the order, he said something that moved me deeply, he said “I don’t need samples because I can see you guys are a decent company”. I felt very happy and lucky at the time. My efforts and dedication have been recognized by him. This is my third newly developed customer and has full trust in us even if we have not met and he still directly placed a bulk order.

On April 26th, 2022; the customer has repeated a 100pcs orders for other new products. We very cherish this customer. He will bring us the information we need from the user’s point of view. Our mission is “To make driving safer”. We hope to bring more safety to the society, to help people reduce driving accidents.

If you also have new product development requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected], we have a strong and powerful R&D team of more than 30 people engineers and a professional overseas sales department to help you complete your new product development project ! We also sincerely thank you for your trust. If you choose us, we will live up to your trust and provide you with the best and reliable quality products and services.

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