Avoiding bad quality driving recorder causing spontaneous combustion to vehicle

Avoiding bad quality driving recorder causing spontaneous combustion to vehicle

To avoid unnecessary responsibility and road fraud in traffic accidents,more and more car owners considering to buy or already bought a driving recorder. Ms. Lee spent around $50 to buy a driving recorder. a month later, the plastic case edge of the driving recorder has been spoilt since the installation is close to the front windshield. Professionals warning that during purchase and use of driving recorder,consumers should be careful, because poor quality products may cause the vehicle to spontaneous combustion.

Car owners:buy driving recorder for different purpose

Reporters found that car owner buying driving recorder for different purpose. Most owners are to protect their own rights when the traffic police or insurance claims investigation on site after accidents.There are owners think that the vehicle damage is affordable, if involved in the casualties of traffic accidents, if there is no monitor or no witness, then there may be a big trouble, driving recorder may be useful at this time. While the owner Mr.Zhang has another purpose,he is particularly fond of self driving travel, during rest on weekends he often drive whole family to the suburbs to have fun, usually there are beautiful scenery along the road, but as he need to drive all the way, so he can only ignore these beautiful scenery, a driving recorder can help to automatically photographing beautiful scenery during driving .

Driving recorder industry insider:poor quality driving recorder may cause spontaneous combustion to the vehicle

A dealer told reporters in Beijing Automotive Products Exhibition, a dealer told reporters that although driving recorder has been popular for years, but there are still many bad quality driving recorder on the market,below are some common knowledge about driving recorder:
A).Driving recorder and GPS navigator is similar, tconnect the driving recorder to the cigarette lighter, it can only work during the car running , once the car stopped the driving recorder can’t work too. If the battery is installed, some recorders can only work less than two hours after parking. The vechiles being designated, stolen and other issues, the driving recorder simply can’t achieve 24 hours a day video recording functions.
B).The shooting angle is not wide enough. Recording angle recorded by driving recorder lens from 70 degrees to 170 degrees range, no matter how you adjust the driving recorder, it can only taken the video in corresponding angle.
C).There are a wide range of driving recorder in the market now, ranging from 30USD to 500USD. Usually those hidden built in mounting style driving camera quality is better. For driving recorder cost only 30-70USD, owner should pay more attention during purchase and use. Because those driving recorders will be connected to the cigarette lighter. The more cheaper the driving recorders are, the more inconsistent with the car part , once the driving recorder with poor power protection and poor accessories, it may easy happen line ignition phenomenon, it is likely to cause the vehicle spontaneous combustion. With the rising temperature, the overall temperature of the car will continue to rise too, especially in summer, the maximum temperature of inside the car may up to 60 degree, if the driving recorder accessories quality is not good, the ignition point is too low, it is easy to catch fire, and then causing vehicle spontaneous combustion.

Insurance company: they have encountered only a few driver with the recorder evidence

In a motor vehicle rapid claims center, the company’s staff told reporters that they are agents of many insurance companies quickly claims business, they has only encountered a few car owner use the driving recorder evidence.
It seems that most of the car owners install driving recorder with the original intention of evidence taken for the accident, but only a few of them really use these evidence .However,driving recorder is still considered to be necessary equipment for either old car or new car. But car owner should pay attention to the driving recorder quality. In addition, the driving recorder appearance is almost same as a mobile phone, better to install in a hidden place inside the car, so it won’t bring security risks to owner.