Journey · Cohesion · Launch——Luview Team Building Trip to Xunliao Bay, Huizhou

Teams excel because of individuals, and individuals shine because of teams. On June 14-15, our company gathered all employees at the picturesque Xunliao Bay for a two-day, one-night team building event. This memorable experience enhanced our communication and strengthened the cohesion and unity among team members.

From creative team formations to intellectually stimulating team-building games, each activity showcased our transformation from individuals to a cohesive group. Through engaging activities like “Fun Card Flipping,” “Hundred-Person War Drums,” and “Power Circle,” we not only unlocked our potential but also deepened our trust and understanding of one another.

Fun Card Flipping

The “Fun Card Flipping” activity tested our strategy and teamwork, revealing sparks of brilliance hidden within the small cards.

Hundred-Person War Drums

The thunderous beat of the “Hundred-Person War Drums” not only set the rhythm for the team but also resonated with the passion and unity in our hearts.

Unity Power Circle

During the Unity Power Circle activity, hand in hand and heart to heart, we collectively faced challenges and proved that the power of unity can conquer all obstacles!

In this team building event, after a series of intense and entertaining team competitions, three teams emerged victorious due to their outstanding teamwork, strategic thinking, and relentless effort. To acknowledge their exceptional performance, the company has decided to award cash prizes to the winning groups, aiming to motivate every member’s dedication and contribution.

The cash rewards not only serve as recognition for the achievements of the winning teams but also embody the promotion of the company’s core values – encouraging innovation, valuing teamwork, and embracing challenges. They symbolize the company’s high regard for employee efforts and talents, while also inspiring all teams to continue demonstrating even greater enthusiasm and drive in future work and challenges.

Bonfire Party

Exciting interactive games unfolded one after another. The relaxed and enjoyable team games not only tested our reflexes and cooperation but also filled the air with laughter and cheers, radiating pure joy and the warmth of teamwork. In this moment, there were no hierarchies, only companionship. Everyone unleashed themselves, enjoying this rare moment of relaxation and freedom to the fullest.

The fleeting moments of the two-day, one-night journey may have passed, but what we take away is not just the beauty of Xunliao Bay, but also a deeper understanding and trust among each other. As we look back on this journey on the way home, everyone returns with a sense of fulfillment – not just captured moments in the camera, but also a newfound appreciation for the power of teamwork in our hearts.

This team building event marks a significant milestone in our collective journey. It not only solidifies the foundation of our team but also points us towards the direction of our future progress. With the positive energy gained from this experience, we will set sail towards higher and farther goals with even greater enthusiasm and closer collaboration!