LUVIEW streaming rearview mirror: high-resolution vision for enhanced driving safety

Common challenges faced by drivers include urban traffic congestion, the need for quick lane changes, parking difficulties, adverse weather conditions, unsafe nighttime driving, and large blind spots. In these situations, can traditional rearview mirrors provide sufficient visibility and safety assurance? Does this increase the risk for drivers?

The importance of streaming rearview mirrors is self-evident, especially when addressing the various challenges of modern driving. They not only provide a wider field of view but also offer greater safety assurance through high-definition video transmission and intelligent assistance features. Next, let’s take a closer look at the features and functions of the LUVIEW streaming electronic rearview mirror.

Advantages and Features of the LUVIEW Streaming Rearview Mirror JY-M1081

All-Weather Language Support: The LUVIEW streaming rearview mirror comes with a built-in multilingual menu system, allowing users to select their preferred language for the interface. This enhances the product’s user-friendliness and adaptability.

Immersive Experience: We use a 10.88-inch high-resolution LCD touchscreen combined with an optimized user interface and easy touch operation. Users can switch and set various functions with simple gestures. The large screen design not only provides a wider field of view but also greatly enhances the driver’s operational experience and comfort.

Clear Safety Assurance: The LUVIEW streaming rearview mirror is equipped with front and rear dual 1080P HD cameras. These cameras, using advanced optical lens and image sensor technology, can capture high-resolution, high-definition images, ensuring that drivers can clearly observe the surroundings of the vehicle during driving, thus providing a higher level of driving safety assurance.

Smart Reversing Assistance: The reversing image function of the LUVIEW streaming rearview mirror is realized through a waterproof rear camera installed at the rear of the vehicle. This camera, with waterproof and shockproof performance, can work in various harsh environments, providing clear reversing images to help drivers reverse safely and accurately.

Dual Recording Display: The rearview mirror’s screen has a dual recording display function. Through the built-in image processing chip and software system, it can simultaneously receive and display images captured by the front and rear cameras, achieving comprehensive monitoring and recording of the vehicle’s front and rear driving conditions.

Intelligent Collision Protection: The driving gravity sensing technology is realized through the integrated accelerometer and related data processing algorithms inside the rearview mirror. When the vehicle collides or is subjected to external impact, the sensor can promptly detect and record the occurrence of the collision event, thereby triggering corresponding protective measures, such as automatically saving the image data before and after the collision, providing crucial evidence for subsequent accident investigation and insurance claims.

Convenient Voice Control: The LUVIEW streaming rearview mirror has a built-in voice recognition module and related command processing algorithms, enabling accurate recognition and processing of voice commands. Users can easily perform operations such as switching front and rear views, turning the screen on/off, taking photos, emergency recording, and audio recording through simple voice commands, greatly enhancing the convenience and safety of the driver’s operations.

Flexible Power Supply: The LUVIEW streaming rearview mirror supports 5V car charger power supply through a standard car power interface. This power supply method not only avoids complex power line connections and installation steps but also provides a plug-and-play experience, offering users a more flexible and convenient way of use.


The LUVIEW streaming rearview mirror, with its superior technology and high-quality service, provides car owners with a reliable, safe, and convenient driving assistance tool. Whether navigating complex urban traffic or embarking on long-distance drives, this product ensures your safety. With 18 years of industry experience, our company offers customized streaming rearview mirror system solutions. We invite you to contact us and join us in our efforts to create a safer and more comfortable driving environment. Contact email: [email protected].