Luview gains BSCI certification for social responsibility compliance

Luview is pleased to announce that we have achieved the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certification. This certification not only validates our commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development but also signifies our dedication to maintaining high standards.

The importance of BSCI certification

  • Ensuring product quality and safety

BSCI certification ensures that our products strictly adhere to social responsibility standards during the production process, effectively enhancing product quality and safety

  • Enhancing market competitiveness

Obtaining this certification has bolstered our competitiveness in the international market, attracting more customers to choose to collaborate with us and jointly promote business development.

  • Improving employee working conditions

Luview strives to improve the working environment and quality of life for our employees, ensuring they work in safe and healthy conditions.

  • Enhancing corporate image and reputation

Obtaining BSCI certification is not just an honor but also recognition of our responsible corporate attitude. This certification injects more trust and recognition into our brand, making customers more willing to choose our products and services.

LUVIEW: enhancing BSCI certification standards, moving towards sustainable production and supply chain

Luview pledges to continue enhancing and maintaining BSCI certification standards, continuously improving the sustainability of production and supply chains. This is not only recognition of our past efforts but also a solid foundation for our future sustainable development. We thank all our partners and customers for their support! Together, we will move towards a brighter future!