A15 mini portable digital car air pump for balls and tires

Product Features

Are you in search of an intelligent and convenient air pump? The A15 air pump comes equipped with a built-in high-precision pressure sensor that intelligently halts inflation. Its user-friendly interface offers five pressure settings, a high-intensity flashlight with SOS flashing function, and a dual-screen LED display for an intuitive presentation of inflation data. Additionally, it supports reverse charging, doubling as a portable power source, and allows for the conversion of various pressure units to meet diverse needs. With its large cylinder design, the A15 air pump efficiently satisfies the inflation requirements of off-road and SUV vehicles. Choose the A15 air pump to tackle various inflation challenges and elevate your inflation experience to a new level of intelligence and convenience!

  • Built-in high precision air pressure sensor. when the inflation pressure reaches the pre-set tire pressure value, the smart inflator will automatically stop
  • Using 5 kinds of user-friendly air pressure setting operation interface
  • Equipped with high-gloss flashlight flashing with SOS flashing
  • LED screen display
  • Support reverse charging, can be used as portable power
  • Support unit switch key, switch PSI,BAR,KAP,KG/CM2
  • Large cylinder block, high efficiency to meet the needs of truck inflation

Technical Specifications

Model Number A15
Product size ø53*165mm
Operation model 7.4V
Moter overcurrent protection 15A
Moter working Voltage 7.4
Life span 300~600H
Output pressure range 0-150PSI
Inflating efficiency 25L/min
Cylinder 21 Cylinder
Working noise Distance 1 meter ≤80dB
Charging voltage\current 5V/2A
Working Current 1-5A
USB output 5V/2A
Working Temperature -20℃~70℃

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