A3 cordless air pump with inflatable tube, interface and gauge

Product Features

A3 cordless air pump can solve 99% of your inflation needs, with four inflatable ports, widely used in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, basketball, football, swimming rings, etc. Choose from four preset modes, select the corresponding mode to inflate, and automatically stop when full, without having to keep an eye on the tire pressure gauge. The air pump is equipped with a white light, so you don’t need to be in the dark to inflate the tire at night, and it is also equipped with a red and blue warning light, which can act as an indicator light for special situations.

Technical Specifications

Model NumberA3
Range of Charge3~150 PSI
Working Temperature-10℃ to +80℃
Operating Voltage7.4 V
Input Voltage5V / 1~2A
Working Current1~5 A
Inflation Efficiency25 L/Min
Battery6000 mA
USB Reverse Charing5V / 1.5A
Working Noise79 dB
ChargingType C
ModeMotorcycle 28PSI, Vehicles 35PSI, Ball 8PSI
Other FunctionsWith illumination work light and warn light SOS
Unit Switch by ButtonPSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm²
User ManualEnglish
Dimension11.5*7.8*3.7 cm
Packing Dimension21.5*12.5*5 cm

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