JY-RX03 TX03 wireless transmission kit for backup camera system

2.4G is a wireless transmission technology,because the frequency range is between 2.400GHz-2.4835GHz,so is called 2.4G wireless technology for short(Image left for transmitter, right for receiver ), Luview JY-RX03 JY-TX03 2.4g wireless transmission kit for backup camera system with transmitter and receiver, features of easy installation and maintenance, suitable for long vehicles. If you are looking for manufacturing factories and developers of high-quality car cameras and monitors in China, Luview is the right choice for you!

Product Features

1.Wireless transmitter part(External connection power and camera)
Transmitter work indicator light:red(In the state of transmitting signal)
WIFI indicator light:blue(Keep bright)
The central button:Cancel matching

2.Wireless receiving part (External connection power and monitor)
receiver work indicator light: red (In the state of receiving signal)
WIFI indicator light: blue (Keep bright)
The central button: Request matching

Technical Specifications

Start Time 1S
Boot delay 120ms
Video Frame RateNTSC:30f/SPAL:25f/S
Video CompressionMPEG4
Frequency Range2400~2483.5MHz
Antenna Input/Output Impedance50Ω,Typ
Receive sensitivity -89dBm
Transmitted power18dBm
RF transmission rate12Mbps
Modulation and demodulation techniqueFSK/GFSK
Spread Spectrum FHSS
Frequency hopping rate1200/S
Slowed-down video200ms
Transmission distance 120M
Video Input/Output Impedance 75Ω,Typ
Video Input/Output Level1Vp-p,TyP
Video Signal-noise ratio 50dB,Min
Audio Input/Output Level 5mv~0.5Vp-p,Typ
Audio Signal-noise ratio63dB,Min
Audio Input/Output Level5mv~0.5Vp-p,Typ
Audio Signal-noise ratio63dB,Min
Operating voltage/currentDC12-24V/200mA
Operating temperature -20°C~70°C,RH 90% MAX
Storage Temperature -30°C~80°C,RH 90% MAX

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