JY-RX03 TX03 wireless transmission kit for backup camera system

Luview offers an advanced 2.4G wireless transmission kit perfect for information exchange between a transmitter and receiver in your vehicle’s backup camera system. The ease of installation, maintenance, and reliability make it the ideal choice when searching for Chinese factories to develop high-quality vehicle cameras or monitors. Make sure you install Luview JY-RX03/JY-TX03 2.4G wireless transmission kit so that your vehicle is equipped with up to date technology!

Product Features

1.Wireless transmitter part(External connection power and camera)
Transmitter work indicator light:red(In the state of transmitting signal)
WIFI indicator light:blue(Keep bright)
The central button:Cancel matching

2.Wireless receiving part (External connection power and monitor)
receiver work indicator light: red (In the state of receiving signal)
WIFI indicator light: blue (Keep bright)
The central button: Request matching

Technical Specifications

Start Time 1S
Boot delay 120ms
Resolution PAL:720X576/NTSC:720X480
Video Frame Rate NTSC:30f/SPAL:25f/S
Video Compression MPEG4
Frequency Range 2400~2483.5MHz
Antenna Input/Output Impedance 50Ω,Typ
Receive sensitivity -89dBm
Transmitted power 18dBm
RF transmission rate 12Mbps
Modulation and demodulation technique FSK/GFSK
Spread Spectrum FHSS
Frequency hopping rate 1200/S
Slowed-down video 200ms
Transmission distance 120M
Video Input/Output Impedance 75Ω,Typ
Video Input/Output Level 1Vp-p,TyP
Video Signal-noise ratio 50dB,Min
Audio Input/Output Level 5mv~0.5Vp-p,Typ
Audio Signal-noise ratio 63dB,Min
Audio Input/Output Level 5mv~0.5Vp-p,Typ
Audio Signal-noise ratio 63dB,Min
Operating voltage/current DC12-24V/200mA
Operating temperature -20°C~70°C,RH 90% MAX
Storage Temperature -30°C~80°C,RH 90% MAX

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