M9662 9.66 inch touch screen streaming electronics rearview mirror with dual cameras

Product Features

Have you ever wondered if the rearview mirror could do more to enhance driving safety? Experienced drivers understand the need to constantly check the rearview mirror to stay alert on the road. However, those tricky blind spots often escape our line of sight. LUVIEW’s M9662 streaming electronics rearview mirror was designed to resolve this concern—equipped with a 9.66-inch touchscreen, dual 1080P HD cameras, and waterproof rear cameras. It’s not merely an upgrade but a safeguard for driving safety. By eliminating blind spots, driving becomes clearer and safer. Isn’t every driver deserving of such a driving safety upgrade?
  • Multi language optional:English, Mandarin, Traditional Chinese
  • 9.66 inch touch screen, easier to operate
  • Front/rear dual IMAX307 camera
  • Support parking image, waterproof backup camera
  • Can show front/rear image on the screen at the same time
  • Support G-sensor
  • 24H parking monitoring, Time-lapse recording

Technical Specifications

Display 9.66 inch touch screen
Processor MSTAR(MSC8339)
Image Sensor IMX307
Lens Material 4 glass lens
Aperture Value F1.8
Max. Resolution 1920*1080P
Encoding type H.264
Video Format TS
Effect Pixels 2 million pixels
Picture Format JPEG
Recording Mode 1 minute/ 3 minutes/ 5 minutes/ loop recording
Storage TF card(Class 10 or above, max support 32G)
Collision Sensor triaxial accelerometer
Horn 8Ω 1W
Start-up Time About 10 seconds
Working Voltage DC12V
Lens Angle Horizontal 150°
Working Current Less than 3A
Working Temperature -20℃-65℃
Storage Temperature -30℃-85℃

Product Video

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