A970 stream video 1080p universal dash cam

Product Features

A970 is our general-purpose car dash cam, with a single 1080P high-definition night vision video, 24-hour time-lapse video parking guard and other functions. The dash cam has fine and clear imaging and good day and night recording. The A970 adopts TS stream video storage, without the need to install batteries and supercapacitors, and the video files can be saved intact after abnormal power failure.

  • 150°Wide field of view
  • H.264 encoding
  • wifi control
  • High and low temperature resistance

Technical Specifications

Screen Size7"/16:9
Resolution800(W)* R.G.B * 480(H)
Active Area154.08(W) × 85.92(H) mm
Viewing AngleU/D:50°/70°,R/L:70°/70°
Image SettingsBrightness、Color、Contrast
Video FormatCVBS
Mirror FlipNon-mirror, mirror, flip, mirror flip
Video ChannelTwo channel video input
Reverse Function Single way back (ruler setting function)
Reversing Delayed0-15s
Scale FunctionTwo scale ruler and automatic ruler switch
Power Supply12/24V,DC/<9W
Operating Temperature-20℃ to +65℃
Storage Temperature-25℃ to +70℃

Product Video

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