Top 3 Reasons Why The Rearview Camera Won’t Work

Top 3 Reasons Why The Rearview Camera Won’t Work

If you have a rearview camera that is not working, you will not be alone. There are hundreds of people who have gone through such problems. One of the most commonly asked questions, is that “My Rear View Camera Is Not Working- What Is The Reason?” One of the most important safety tools for the driver is the rearview camera. This will help you protect other drivers and pedestrian. The rearview camera works automatically when you change the gear into the reverse position. In today’s world, having a backup camera is crucial for safety on the road.

Sometimes, the camera stops working, causing you a lot of trouble. The problems with your camera range from small issues to serious ones that require replacement of the camera. If your camera is not working properly, you will have to resolve the issue. Before doing so, you need to know what is causing the problem. In this article, we have highlighted top reasons why the camera doesn’t work.

Read on to know the common reasons.

Dirt and Grime

One of the most common reason is dirt, this causes the image to be fuzzy and grainy. The camera gets dirty that is close to the ground. Another reason that might lead to a dirty camera is rain and mud. Fixing this kind of problem is not difficult, all you have to do clean the camera. You can use a clean cloth to get rid of the dust and dirt. It is advised to use lint-free cloth this will prevent the lens from scratching.

Blown Fuse

Another reason that might cause problems in the functioning of your camera is the blown fuse. When you put the gear into the reverse position and the camera doesn’t show up, it is because of the blown fuse. In order to resolve this problem, you will have to figure out the location of the fuse. In some vehicles, the fuse is situated under the dash or even under the steering wheel.

Furthermore, once you have located the fuse, you have to determine the fuse that goes with the backup camera. Before replacing the fuse, you will have to make sure it is the cause of the problem.

Lose Wiring

One of the problems that most people encounter is that the monitor doesn’t display the image. The reason behind this is a fault in the wiring system. This problem occurs when the wiring gets lose. To fix this problem, you will have to figure out the electronic system the cable is connected to. The manual of your car will help you resolve this problem. It is easy to solve this issue as you will just have to make sure the wiring is secure.

There you go; this answer the question, “why my rear view camera is not working, what is the reason?” This information will help you resolve the problem as the problem will not be as complicated as it seems. When fixing the issues, you need to be diligent to avoid any other serious problems.