Dash cams vs mirror cams, what is the difference

Dash cams vs mirror cams, what is the difference ?

Mirror cams sound promising because they include a dash cam, a rear-view mirror, and a reverse camera. Dash Cam however, is much more uncomplicated to use even if your research tells you otherwise.

How are they different?

Dash cams reside behind the rearview mirrors and record the road that is approaching you. Their price ranges differ and have a wide range of specs that you can choose from as there are enough models for the buyers. You can buy the ones with rear-facing cameras and have the best of both worlds.

Mirror cams help you with parking while also being able to give you the rear-view advantage and show you the road ahead without difficulty. Mirror cams are versatile which reflects in their price which is more expensive than a dash cam.

Advantages of Dash Cams

  • They don’t take up much space as they are smaller.
  • Regardless of the model, you can get an easy installation done.
  • Some models of dash cams are adaptable to rear-view cameras, making them have extra features.

Disadvantages of Dash Cams

  • Normal models of dash cams don’t have a rearview camera and you need to install it separately.

Advantages of Mirror Cams

  • Normal models of Mirror cams have a front view as well as a rearview camera.
  • Reverse by using the camera easily.
  • If your vehicle does not cater to the rearview, the camera can aid you with that.

Disadvantages of Mirror Cams

  • It is not lightweight and the installation can be complicated.
  • It is costly and various models are expensive.
  • Significant brands don’t manufacture this camera so they are harder to find in good quality.

Installation and Features

Dash cams come in various sizes and you can’t even detect them at first glance, while mirror cams are a lot harder to miss because they have larger screens. If you want to install a dash cam, you simply have to fix it to the windscreen and put a memory card in place. However, you have to add an extra step with a mirror cam and link the rear camera to use it.

Mirror cams have multitasking abilities, as they have pre-installed parking aid and rear-facing camera; however, Dash cams can catch up to them with their features like different kinds of sensors at much less price. You can have a less expensive dash cam with GPS tracking features in a variety of models with the ability to connect to the internet and edit and share recorded videos.

Video clarity

Both Dash cams and mirror cams have high-quality video footage with footage ranging from 1080p to 4k quality. Brands prioritize the clarity of the videos with better light settings.


Mirror cams sound promising because they promise various elements including their service to vehicles with little to no review, however, dash cams can give them tough competition without spending a lot of money.

You can get dash cams from several well-known brands with the best quality, no extra glare and within your budget.

Does Suzuki Swift have a reverse camera

Does Suzuki Swift have a reverse camera ?

All the latest models of Suzuki Swift come with a standard reverse camera. The shape of the car makes it easy to have a front view through the windshield, however, looking back while reversing has become difficult with only the rearview mirror because the car is narrow from the back.

Is the Reverse Camera standard in Swift?

The standardization of the reverse camera in Suzuki Swift varies from model to model. The ZXi models of the Swift have the standard reverse camera, that automatically comes on when you hit the gear to reverse. It goes back off when you change the gear again. The VXi model of Swift does not have a standard reverse camera, however, you can choose to get it installed in your car. This option helps you choose the type of camera that you want to install as well as the kind of monitor you will prefer in your car.

Pros of Reverse Camera in Suzuki Swift

  • As the car is smaller and narrower than other cars, the reverse camera covers all of the areas behind the car.
  • You don’t have to worry about blind spots because the camera has them all covered.
  • The reverse camera is durable and does not stop working after slight bumps.
  • Some models of the reverse camera don’t get affected by different weather conditions as well.
  • Helps you save maintenance costs while reversing, because it helps you avoid collisions.
  • It increases the value of safety for the driver as well as the pedestrians.

Varieties of Reverse Camera

Several reverse cameras can be beneficial to your car. Some of them are miniature and can be installed anywhere in the backside but their size does not indicate that their picture quality is worse. This miniature camera can turn out to have high-resolution pictures.

Waterproof cameras assist you when weather conditions can make driving difficult. Different cameras come with different ranges of monitors as well, having a variety of screen sizes and other specifications.

How to install it

If your Swift does not come with a standard reverse camera, then you can purchase reversing camera kits from car professionals. Installing it can be tricky and you will need to get it done as well.

With the increasing number of models for reverse cameras, there are different price options as well. You can select the price range that is most suitable for you and get the camera that fits in that range. There are additional costs of the labor that goes into fixing the camera in place, so the car has a wide-angle shot that doesn’t let you miss anything. These costs can be a good investment for the future as it helps you save costs that you may incur in the future as there won’t be any unnecessary bumps and accidents to pay for.


Suzuki Swift comes with one of the best reverse camera models that include night vision and sensors that have alarms to alert you.

Does Volkswagen Tiguan have a rear view camera

Does Volkswagen Tiguan have a rear view camera ?

Rear View Cameras have become an important ally when you reverse your car. Volkswagen Tiguan has a rearview camera that helps you while you back up your vehicle or need to park.

Where is the camera located

The camera on the rear side is located around the tailgate. It helps you avoid all the obstacles in your way. You just have to shift your gear to reverse mode and the camera shows you the back view of the car on your monitor. It comes with lines designed to tell you when to hit the brakes.

The latest Tiguan comes with a total bird’s eye view around your vehicle to help you navigate through traffic and parking spaces.

Advantages of the Rear View Camera in Tiguan

  • It gives you the benefit of an automatic parking assist that includes the graphic lines that turn as you move the steering wheel to adjust to the angles.
  • You don’t have to turn on the camera as it activates automatically when you reverse your car.
  • It gives you high-quality images on the monitor and covers all the areas behind the car.
  • It catches any obstacles that are invisible to the camera and alerts you before approaching them

Are Rear View Cameras in Tiguan expensive?

The camera is expensive because it uses high technology with added benefits for the vehicle. It adds the new generation vehicle tag to the model.

Is Rear View Camera a necessity for Tiguan

If Tiguan wants to keep up with the increasing competition where innovation is important then it is necessary for the vehicle. Rear-view cameras help drivers with all the problems with parking and reversing a car.

Tiguan and the necessary safety measures

Volkswagen is one of the most safety-cautious companies. Volkswagen has added rearview cameras in all the standard models of their cars since 2017. You don’t have to look behind your seat to look at the backside of your cad, just use their reverse camera.

The addition of the camera adds efficiency to the vehicle because it saves time while reversing your car, and cuts down costs of unneeded run-ins. As the camera does not come with blind spots the best position of the camera, you don’t have to worry about accidents.

Installation of the camera

The latest models of the Tiguan all have standard rearview cameras. However, if you want to upgrade your camera to a higher-quality version then you can buy the various rest view camera kits. They come with several specifications including highly trendy monitors.

The different versions of the rearview camera are expensive, especially for Tiguan. These cameras have different price ranges from normal reverse cameras.


If you find parallel parking, reversing, and avoiding obstacles a difficult job while driving then a reverse camera can be the perfect solution. Tiguan with its incredible exterior has all the technology in the interior with this camera. The monitor of the camera also works as an entertainment zone to enjoy.

Does Toyota Rav4 have a backup camera

Does Toyota Rav4 have a backup camera ?

Toyota Rav4 has kept up with the first-changing world with increasing innovation. A backup camera also called a reverse camera helps you reverse your car with ease and comfort.

Backup camera and safety

A rearview camera is an additional safety measure that is added to the car. Before this, rearview mirrors were used to aid drivers while driving. Some of these cameras have parking sensors and lights that can help the drivers while backing up against unknown objects.

The safety measures in most Toyota cars can be customized so every individual customer can have these measures according to their preference.

Features of backup camera

  • If you’re out and about on the busiest roads, then this camera can help you with navigation.
  • The camera comes with alarms and sensors that go off when you get too close to obstacles. These obstacles can be known or unknown.
  • If you ever get into an accident and want to prove that it wasn’t your fault, this backup camera can record the incident as well.
  • The camera works well at night, it has a night vision mode that doesn’t jeopardize your ability to see.
  • You can signal pedestrians to step aside while reversing.

Location of the backup camera

The backup camera works with a monitor, a screen that displays everything live that the camera records. So, its location is also attached to the car at two different spots. The camera is attached at the backside, usually beside the boot or the license plate. The monitor is at the front, near the dashboard. This monitor is a smart device that allows you to enjoy your drive.

Quality and price of backup camera

The quality of the camera has a wide range because these cameras come in many different models. These models also affect their prices. Not every camera is expensive, however, their video quality might be superior.

If you want a camera that has clear image resolution then you can spend extra bucks to get it installed in your vehicle.

Toyota Rav4 with parking assist with the camera

The parking assist feature has proven to save lives. If there are any tough spaces, too many obstacles or there is a certain difficulty in trying to find a parking spot then this assist has all its sensors out to aid you.

Parking assists work with sensors and alarms, telling you when to brake and when to keep reversing and turning slightly to park your car, the backup camera shows you a clear picture of your car’s back side. Some standard cameras can go off when the weather conditions are worse, while other models work well without getting affected by the weather. You can take your car out for a drive in different seasons without putting yourself at risk.


Toyota Rav4 with its backup camera can make your driving experience easier and better. The installation process can be expensive and tiresome because only a professional can install it properly in your car.

How a Dash Camera With GPS Function Can Help You Find Lost Items

In 2006, Luview began to devote itself to the R&D and production of in-vehicle electronics and GPS monitoring systems. The dash camera with GPS function can check the position and speed of the vehicle at any time, make necessary speed settings and real-time voice. It can also retrieve lost items in time.

How a Dash Camera With GPS Function Can Help You Find Lost Items

The satellite positioning car dash camera, also known as the GPS dash camera, is a digital electronic recording device that records and stores the driving speed, time, mileage and other status information related to the driving of the vehicle and can output data through the interface. GPS positioning module and GPRS communication module are integrated inside, which can upload positioning information, speeding, fatigue, suspicious point data, send text information, upload pictures, etc. through GPRS.

The GPS dash camera produced and developed by Luview generally has the following functions:

  1. View and record real-time speed;
  2. Check the driving track;
  3. Remote GPS can check the positioning;
  4. The motorcycle GPS can check the longitude and latitude, altitude, speed and driving track;

Usually, there are many benefits to using a dash camera with GPS functionality. You can monitor your fuel consumption and personal use of your car with the help of a dashboard camera. Most dash cameras provided by Luview are equipped with GPS function. The cameras records high-definition videos at 1080p with a 128~170 degree lens. It automatically starts recording when it detects an incident and saves the footage.

The device also records the location of the incident so you can access it later. Moreover, the dash cam comes with an app that lets you watch the video footage on your smartphone. The dash cameras with GPS function also allow you to track your location using a GPS device. It is able to record incidents and provide alerts if there is a geo-fencing zone breach. This function helps you get a clear view of your vehicle even in low-light situations. To use this function, you should install the app on your smartphone. If you have any requirements in dash camera, please don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected] .


The Best Rear View Cameras for Caravans

The Best Rear View Cameras for Caravans

The vehicles nowadays are getting really tougher to drive especially caravans. People who drive caravans know the struggle of reversing. Reversing a big vehicle is a huge problem as your rear is your blind spot and is not visible to you through rearview mirrors. We have a solution to that to installing a rear-view camera to your caravan can help you in reversing and parking.

Buying rear view cameras for your caravan can be tough as the market is huge but you shouldn’t worry as we have the best company selected for you. Luview has the best rear-view cameras for caravans and other vehicles. Their cameras have great pixels and have many other qualities too. They have one year warranty by the manufacturers which shows that their products are durable. You can even take your rear-view camera with you when you change your car.

The Best Rear View Cameras for Caravans

Finding the best rear view cameras for caravans are really difficult but lucky for you, we found out the best cameras in the market and made a list for you.

1) 480p Rear View Camera JY-6731

This rear view camera has a sharp ¼ CDD sensors and infrared IR LED camera. The audio in this camera is optional. It has forty-five feet night vision and is waterproof and dustproof. This camera also has automatic heating which means that the camera starts heating up when it gets really cold. It is one of the best rear view cameras for caravans.

2) Auto Shutter Camera JY-678

It is an anti-collision camera and is waterproof and dustproof. This particular product also has an infrared IR LED camera. This rear view camera has zero illumination and also has the night vision of 35 feet. It is up to you to enable the sound or not.

3) Best Car Reverse Camera JY-365

This camera comes with a stainless steel bracket so it is fire and explosion proof. This bracket also protects it from getting destroyed. Best Car Reverse Camera JY-365 camera does not need a lot of maintenance and has an infrared LED IR camera. The camera also has a wide view of 170°. The camera is and is dustproof and waterproof. It is the perfect rear view camera for caravans.

4) Best Auto Reverse Camera JY-670

This camera is suitable for any time of vehicle as it is small in size and can be adjusted anywhere. It has a thirty-five feet night vision and has minimum illumination. The camera is also an infrared IR LED camera with 500×582 pixels. It has the waterproof rating of IP68 and it can work in extreme weathers. Three different colors are available in this model so you have the choice to choose your favorite.

5) Side View Camera with Metal Cover JY-688

It has night vision of 35 feet and an IP68 waterproof rating. This camera is also fire and explosion proof. This model has an infrared IR LED camera and automatic heating system. The audio is optional.

Our Final Take:

This list consists of the best rear view cameras for caravans. All of the products are affordable and are highly tested. They are products that you should invest in. We hope this article proved helpful for you. If you found this informational, then please do comment and share.

The Best Rear-view Cameras for Trucks

The Best Rear-view Cameras for Trucks

We are going to discuss the best and affordable rear-view cameras for your truck. Rear-view cameras are not just a trend that you have to follow, they are a great help too. Every day more and more people are adding rear-view cameras to their vehicles because of security of safety reasons. Rear-view cameras are cameras connected to the back of your vehicle to show you the view of the back. They were introduced as a substitute for the rearview mirrors and have now successfully taken over the market. Trucks are now really difficult to see out of as the shapes are changing and mostly all the vehicles have tinted windows.

The Benefits of Having a Rear-view Camera for Your Truck

  • Having rear-view cameras for the truckhas made accidents decrease as it becomes easy for drivers to see the back.
  • Small children and infants are not visible in a rearview mirror but they are visible in a rear-view camera so you can prevent accidents.

Rear-view cameras are mostly connected to the gearshift and when you reverse it and your screen starts showing what the camera sees.

Few of the Best Rear-view Cameras in the Market for Your Truck:

1) Auto Shutter Camera JY-678

It has a 120° view and is an infrared auto shutter camera. It has the night distance view of thirty-five feet and can work in any extreme weathers. It has one year guarantee and comes in three different colors. It has the 510×582 pixels and the camera has CDD sensor is installed in it. It is also dustproof and waterproof.

2) Best Car Reverse Camera JY-365

This camera comes in a stainless steel model and can work in every weather and condition. It is one of the best cameras for trucks as it does not require much maintenance. It comes with a sharp CDD sensor.

3) Best Auto Reverse Camera JY-670

It is an infrared durable camera for an affordable price. This camera can work in any kind of terrain or climate. It is a reliable camera with presents 35 feet of night vision. This camera is also dustproof and waterproof. It is an LED infrared camera with great pixels.

4) Best Aftermarket Car Rear-view Camera JY-665

This is one of the best rear-view cameras for your truck. It has an ultra-wide view and is water and dustproof. This camera is small in size so it can fit anywhere and it can flip automatically. The appearance of this camera is really exquisite and this is very user-friendly too.

5) CCD Back View Camera with Sharp Sensor JY-683

This camera has a sharp 1/4 CCD sensor and is affordable. It has an LED infrared camera which is waterproof and dustproof. This camera can be adjusted anywhere as it is small in size. It has a 120° view angle with forty-five feet night vision. This camera starts automatically heating when the temperature gets below 10°C.

Our Final Take:

These were only a few of the best rear-view camera for trucks. You should research more before you take a decision and buy a product. We hope you found this article informational. If you liked it, then please do comment and share.

The Best Rear View Cameras for Your RV

The Best Rear View Cameras for Your RV

Driving in reverse is really tricky and difficult. It takes a driver a lot of time before he understands the trick of reversing. Sometimes we all wish for some help when we are driving in reverse because it becomes really difficult to reverse in busy or narrow roads. You will happy to learn that buying rear view cameras for your RV and installing them can help you in reversing and driving.

You will be able to drive easily in reverse without sticking your head out to see. Rear-view cameras can cover all the area, even your blind spots. You will also be able to see really low areas which were invisible to you before. Installing a rear-view camera can help you in preventing accidents from happening. Every year a lot of children get into accidents because they are not visible to the driver but when you install a rear-view camera you will be able to see clearly.

List of the Best Rear View Cameras for Your RV

All the good quality rear view cameras for your RV have night vision and wide view. You should always choose rear-view cameras for your RV after researching about their qualities and their affordability. One of the best firms in the market for rear-view cameras is Luview and we are going to discuss some of their best cameras.

1) 480p Rear-View Camera JY-6731

This rear-view camera is an infrared LED camera with 480 pixels. The audio in this camera is optional, it is up to you if you want the audio or not. It has a sharp ¼ CDD sensors and forty-five feet night vision. This camera is the best rear-view camera for your RV as it is an infrared IR LED camera. It has automatic heating which means that the camera starts heating up when the temperature gets below freezing point. It is one of the best rear-view cameras for your RV.

2) Best Car Reverse Camera JY-365

This camera comes with a stainless steel bracket to save it from damage and protect it. It is fire and explosion proof. This camera is low maintenance and has a view of 170°. The camera is an infrared LED IR camera and is dustproof and waterproof. It is the perfect rear-view camera for your RV.

3) Auto Shutter Camera JY-678

This camera is waterproof and dustproof. It is an anti-collision camera and has an infrared IR LED camera. This rear-view camera for your trailer has the night vision of 35 feet and has zero illumination. It has the view of 120°. The audio on this camera is up to you if you want to enable it or not.

4) Side View Camera with Metal Cover JY-688

It has an IP68 waterproof rating and is fire and explosion proof. It has an infrared IR LED camera and the audio is optional. The night vision of this camera is 35 feet and it also has an automatic heating system which starts after the temperature becomes freezing.

Our Final Take:

All the cameras in the list are the best rear-view cameras for your RV. They all have been chosen because they were the best. If you found this article informational, then please do comment and share.

Why Is It Important to Have a Rear View Camera With Parking Sensors

Why Is It Important to Have a Rear View Camera With Parking Sensors ?

Are you thinking of buying rear view camera with parking sensors? In present times, there has been a rise in the number of vehicles on the road. This has led to more road accidents and deaths. One of the reasons is that most of the drivers don’t spend enough time practice driving. Another reason is the large size of the vehicles; it becomes difficult to know what is behind your vehicle.

To reduce the number of accidents and keep everyone protected, rearview cameras and parking sensors were invented. These devices help people avoid hitting other cars, obstacles, and people when backing up your car. The rearview camera provides you a clear view of any obstacle that it behind your vehicle. The parking sensor will notify you when there is an object in the surroundings with a series of the beep. When the object gets closer, the beep becomes frequent and loud.

With the advancement in technology, you can get the best of both worlds. There are some manufacturers providing rear view camera with parking sensors. This is to make parking easy and protecting everyone.

Read on to know why a rearview camera with a parking sensor is a good option.

Increased Safety

One of the top reasons is the safety of people around you. The latest vehicles have smaller rear windshields and thicker rear pillars. This to enhance the rear impact protection; however, this has negatively affected the visibility. In order to improve your visibility, a camera with parking sensors are added. This will make reversing and parking hassle-free while protecting everyone nearby.

Makes Parking in Tight Spots a Breeze

Another reason why you should have a rearview camera with parking sensor is that it will help you park your vehicle. when you have a huge vehicle like an RV or Truck, it becomes challenging to park. This is because you will have a huge blind spot. You have to bring someone with you to guide you to park the vehicle.

This will become easy if you install a backup camera and parking sensor. This technology will improve your visibility and confidence. You will be able to park your vehicle in tight areas without having to worry about hitting other cars. When you will get to an object the sensor will let you know by a beeping sound. The camera will provide you a better vision of the space.

Helps in Keeping Kids Safe

In recent times, the number of kids being injured in the driveway accidents is increasing. When you have a rearview camera and parking sensor, you will be able to keep them safe. Thanks to the camera you can see if they are behind your vehicle and the sensor will let you know if you are getting close the kids and other objects.

In the end, rear view camera with parking sensors is great safety feature. Luview offers the best backup camera and sensor that will help you car keep everyone protected. For more information, feel free to contact us.

How to Install Rear View Camera With Mirror Monitor

How to Install Rear View Camera With Mirror Monitor?

Are you thinking of investing in rear view camera with mirror monitor? Rear view camera with mirror monitor is a replacement for the rearview mirror of your vehicle. This technological device provides information about what is behind your car. It is also useful for directing you to reverse your vehicle in heavy traffic easily.

Most of the new cars are available with the pre-installed rearview camera system. You can install the rear view camera with mirror monitor yourself if your car doesn’t have one. In this article, we have mentioned an easy way to install the backup camera system with mirror monitor.

Steps to Install the Rear View Camera With Mirror Monitor

Here are the easy steps that will help you install the rearview camera system with mirror monitor.

Reading the Instructions

The first step in the process is to read the user manual of the rearview camera. The instructions provided with the system will be specific to your vehicle. Once you have read the instructions, you will not have any difficulty in installing the system.

Disconnect the Battery

It is crucial for you to make sure the battery is disconnected. This is an important step as you will be working with the electronic system of your vehicle, there must be no power in the system. If you don’t detach the battery there will be a risk of an accident.

Deciding The Place of the System

One of the main components of the system is the rearview mirror monitor. It will be attached to or replace the rearview mirror. The system will include other components, such as sensors and camera. You will have to decide the place for the camera. There are two types of backup cameras; one must be mounted on the license plate and the other must be installed in the bumper.

Routing the Wires

The next step is to route the cables to make sure they are properly installed. Before you start drilling holes, you will have to ensure the position you picked is the right choice. This to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be.

After the completion of the wiring, you must connect the mirror monitor to the mirror. For this, you will have to remove the screws connecting the mirror to the vehicle. Once the mirror monitor is installed, you must connect it to the system.

Testing the System

The last step is the testing phase. Once everything is completed, it is time to test the system. For this, you will have to reconnect the battery of your vehicle and check if the system is working correctly.

Therefore, there is a plethora of rear view camera with mirror monitor available on the market, but not every system is durable. Luview is a leading name when it comes to car security. We have been providing amazing rear view camera system that will help in preventing damage to your vehicle and property of others. Our system will keep you updated about your surroundings to avoid an accident. If you are looking for a rear view camera kit with mirror monitor, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] for more details.