How to Troubleshoot Rearview Camera Issues

How to Troubleshoot Rearview Camera Issues ?

Are you having problems with your rearview camera? There are numerous people who experience problems with their rearview cameras. Backup cameras are imperative for protecting other drivers, pedestrian, and even children on the road. These cameras are good for eliminating the blind spots and informing you about the obstacles behind your vehicle.

With the passage of time, problems can occur in the functioning of the cameras. The issues can be divided into 3 main categories image quality problem, display issues, and other problems. For rear view camera issues trouble shooting, you must first understand the problem. In this write-up, we have listed few of the ways to fix the most common problems.

Having Trouble with Image Quality

Most of the people have trouble with the quality of the image. In such situations, the camera works perfectly, but the monitor is not working correctly. If you encounter a similar problem, here is the information you need for rear view camera issues trouble shooting.

Checking the Lens

One of the things that you need to check when you see a grainy or smudged image is the camera. The elements, such as rainwater, mud, dust, and dirt can cause the camera to deteriorate and restrict its view. Even strong winds and bad weather can lead to reducing the quality of the image. In order to fix this problem, you need to clean the camera lens using a clean cloth.

Signal Problem

If your monitor displays grainy picture, it indicates that there is a problem with the wireless system. The reason can be weak signals as most of the cameras have a range of 150 feet. So, if there are hurdles in between the transmitter and the receiver, you might want to consider bringing both the parts closer.

Display Issues

Sometimes the rearview camera stops working and there is no image displayed on the monitor. If you are experiencing an issue like this, then there must be a problem with the connection or monitor.

Checking the Connection

In some cases, both the camera and the monitor is working perfectly. The problem is that they are not communicating and it could be because of the connection. You will have to ensure the wires are plugged in correctly.

Moreover, there could be an issue with the pairing of the transmitter and the receiver. All the systems have different pairing and unpairing techniques. It is recommended to check the user manual for instructions.

Monitor Is Not Connected

Another reason for experiencing this problem is that the monitor is not connected properly. Most of the times, the wiring become loose or the wires are not plugged in correctly with the power source. If the monitor still doesn’t work, this means that the monitor is faulty. You will have to replace the monitor.

In the end, once you know the root cause of the problem, you can easily resolve it. When you follow these tips for rear view camera issues trouble shooting, you must be careful. If you have cannot do it yourself, you can always take professional help.

All You Need To Know About Rear View Camera For Trailer

All You Need To Know About Rear View Camera For Trailer

If you are wondering why you should install rear view camera for trailer, then you are at the right place. The rearview camera is one of the greatest inventions of the modern world. This electronic device will help you reverse your trailer without any difficulty. The significance of the rearview camera can’t be overstated enough.

The trailer is large in size that makes it impossible for you to see what is behind you. It makes reversing and parking your trailer one of the hardest and dangerous tasks. There are increased chances of the driver hitting an object or a person. This can damage your vehicle and everyone nearby. To avoid such situations, a rearview camera for trailer is the best choice.

Here is everything you need to know about the backup rear view camera for trailer.

How Does Rearview Camera Works?

The rearview camera is developed to help protect people, obstacles, and other cars. There are various types of backup camera, but the basic function is the same. Mostly, the cameras are installed on the bumper or on the license plate. Both these positions are ideal as they have a downward angle.

Furthermore, the camera is connected to a monitor and a gear. When you shift the gear into the reverse, it will automatically activate the camera and the monitor will display the view from the camera.

Why Should You Buy Rearview Camera for Trailer?

The rearview camera is a great device that will provide you real-time information about the obstacles close by. This device is wonderful as it will help you make the smartest and safest decision when on the road.

The backup camera will provide you a wide field of view that will provide you visuals for all the obstacles nearby. Another reason why you should invest in the backup camera is that it saves your money. Though the initial cost might seem high, in the long run, it is a worthy investment.

If your trailer doesn’t have a rearview camera, there is a risk of hitting a car or a child. In case it results in a serious injury or death, you will be liable for your actions. A case will be filed against you that will increase your expenses as you might have to pay the medical bills. So, it is better to avoid all these unnecessary costs by installing a rearview camera.

Best Rearview Camera For Trailer

Luview is the leading name in the car security solution. Since our inception 13 years ago, we have been helping drivers keep other people safe. All our camera systems are certified and approved. We make sure all the systems are according to the ISO/TS 16949. We have a R&D team of 40 skilled and proficient engineers who offer exceptional services. Our experts are qualified enough to offer customized solutions for your needs. We offer rear view camera for trailer at an affordable price, so you won’t have to break your bank. We use premium quality materials for the manufacturing of the rearview camera, so you can rest assured that you will have a sturdy backup camera. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Top 4 Benefits Buying a Rear View Camera For Jeep Wrangler

Top 4 Benefits Buying a Rear View Camera For Jeep Wrangler

Are you confused whether you should buy rear view cameras for jeep wrangler or not? The Rearview camera is a great invention that makes reversing and parking simple for everyone. There was a high number of road and driveway accidents and to reduce the accidents the rearview camera system was invented. Since its inception, there has been a decrease in the rate of road deaths and injuries.

Moreover, the backup cameras are great for helping you determine how much distance is between the obstacle and your vehicle. There are other benefits of installing rear view camera for your jeep wrangler.

Read on to know some of the benefits of a backup camera.

Protects Kids

One of the top benefits of rearview camera is that it will provide you information about the obstacles or kids behind your jeep. Since the jeep is big, kids and pets are not visible. This because they sit close to the ground and when you are reversing your vehicle in the parking lot or driveway you cannot see them.

With the help of the rearview camera, you will know exactly what is behind your jeep and far it is. Some of the cameras have a wide field of view. so, install the backup camera to keep the pets and kids safe.

No More Blind Spots

Another benefit of rearview camera is that it will eliminate blind zones. The rearview mirror is capable of showing you a limited view. Even when you turn your head to look back, you are unable to know everything about the obstacles behind you. The backup camera is useful as it will tell you about your surroundings. There will be no blind zone as the monitor will clearly display the rear view. Some of the camera systems come with sensors, this will tell you about the nearby objects even if you can’t see them.

Easy Backup in Traffic

One of the hardest tasks is backing your Jeep Wrangler in heavy traffic. We all have gone through a situation where we have to reverse our vehicle a little bit. It is a daunting and dreadful experience as you are worried that you might hit the car behind you. This is because your visibility is compromised. When you have a rearview camera, it will help you backup your jeep without having to worry about damaging other cars. This electronic device an amazing way to make parking and backing up your vehicle stress-free.

Helps in Parking

Rear view camera for Jeep Wrangler is great as it will help you park your vehicle without any trouble. Finding a parking space is a time-consuming task and parking your car in tight spots requires special skills. Parking gets more challenging when you have to parallel park your vehicle. The rearview camera makes parking easy, so you won’t graze another car.

Therefore, Luview offers you an amazing opportunity to keep everyone around you safe. With our rear view camera, you can prevent damage to your own Jeep Wrangler. For more information, reach out to our customer support experts.

Top 3 Reasons Why The Rearview Camera Won’t Work

Top 3 Reasons Why The Rearview Camera Won’t Work

If you have a rearview camera that is not working, you will not be alone. There are hundreds of people who have gone through such problems. One of the most commonly asked questions, is that “My Rear View Camera Is Not Working- What Is The Reason?” One of the most important safety tools for the driver is the rearview camera. This will help you protect other drivers and pedestrian. The rearview camera works automatically when you change the gear into the reverse position. In today’s world, having a backup camera is crucial for safety on the road.

Sometimes, the camera stops working, causing you a lot of trouble. The problems with your camera range from small issues to serious ones that require replacement of the camera. If your camera is not working properly, you will have to resolve the issue. Before doing so, you need to know what is causing the problem. In this article, we have highlighted top reasons why the camera doesn’t work.

Read on to know the common reasons.

Dirt and Grime

One of the most common reason is dirt, this causes the image to be fuzzy and grainy. The camera gets dirty that is close to the ground. Another reason that might lead to a dirty camera is rain and mud. Fixing this kind of problem is not difficult, all you have to do clean the camera. You can use a clean cloth to get rid of the dust and dirt. It is advised to use lint-free cloth this will prevent the lens from scratching.

Blown Fuse

Another reason that might cause problems in the functioning of your camera is the blown fuse. When you put the gear into the reverse position and the camera doesn’t show up, it is because of the blown fuse. In order to resolve this problem, you will have to figure out the location of the fuse. In some vehicles, the fuse is situated under the dash or even under the steering wheel.

Furthermore, once you have located the fuse, you have to determine the fuse that goes with the backup camera. Before replacing the fuse, you will have to make sure it is the cause of the problem.

Lose Wiring

One of the problems that most people encounter is that the monitor doesn’t display the image. The reason behind this is a fault in the wiring system. This problem occurs when the wiring gets lose. To fix this problem, you will have to figure out the electronic system the cable is connected to. The manual of your car will help you resolve this problem. It is easy to solve this issue as you will just have to make sure the wiring is secure.

There you go; this answer the question, “why my rear view camera is not working, what is the reason?” This information will help you resolve the problem as the problem will not be as complicated as it seems. When fixing the issues, you need to be diligent to avoid any other serious problems.

How To Clean Rear View Camera

How To Clean Rear View Camera ?

Are you wondering how to clean rear view camera? The rear view cameras are an essential tool for the drivers in today’s advanced world. The backup rearview cameras enable you to reverse your car without having to worry about damaging your vehicle or any other object. It is a great way to keep everyone on the road safe. For this purpose, it is crucial for the camera to be clean so they can work efficiently. If the rear view camera is not clean, it might cause you several problems.

This is because you will not be able to see clearly as the image quality might be grainy or fainted. You must keep the rearview camera maintained to significantly enhance safety. This is why we have talked about how to clean rear view camera.

Read on to know the way to clean the backup camera.

Why Rearview Camera Gets Dirty?

The rearview cameras are located either on the bumper or the license plate. This is the reason why they are designed to be sturdy and durable. However, the camera can get dirty thanks to the debris, dust, mud, rainwater, snow, and dirt. This is because the camera is closer to the ground that makes it more to prone to pollutants. So, it is recommended to clean your camera regularly to improve your visibility when driving.

Cleaning Your Rearview Camera

There are various ways to clean the lens of your backup camera.

  • An easy and simple method to clean your camera is to wash lens during a regular car wash.
  • You can use dirtproof and waterproof products that help in slowing down the accumulation of grime.
  • Residual oil remover is a great way to maintain the camera lens in optimal condition.
  • The camera that is pre-installed in the car will require less maintenance. In snowy or rainy season, you must clean the camera before you drive.
  • Most of the experts advise using clean microfiber cloth in order to clean the camera. It will be better if you use a lint-free lens cleaner for keeping the camera scratch and dirt-free.
  • In case you need to clean your rearview camera often, it means that the camera is too close to the ground. You will have to change the position of the camera.
  • In winters, it is important to take special care of the camera. The reason is that the electronics start to malfunction in extreme weather. For instance, in extremely cold weather, LCD becomes slower that will display a distorted image. To have a clear image, the system needs to warm up. So, you should be prepared for dealing with such situations to prevent inconvenience.
  • Ice and frost might gather around the camera that will interrupt the normal function of the camera. This is why you need to have a cleaning kit in your glove compartment. It will help you quickly address the issue as soon as it occurs.

Overall, here is the best answer to the question, “how to clean rear view camera?”. The backup camera is a wonderful way to stay safe on the road.

Reversing radar or reversing camera which one is better

Reversing radar or reversing camera ? which one is better ?

When you are consider buying a car, regardless of the model you want to purchase, thousands of US dollars or tens thousands of US dollars, there is still some car models are without parking sensor ( same as reversing radar ) and reversing camera.Fortunately, both products can be easily purchased online or at auto parts store. Today, we are going to discuss: Is it better to use reversing radar or is it better to use reversing camera ?

First of all, let’s talk about reversing radar, since it is being called radar, then its working principle is of course learned from bats. The radar probe emits ultrasonic waves. Once the ultrasonic waves hit obstacles, they will be reflected back. Then the system will calculate the distance between radar probes and obstacles. Then the driver is given different frequency alarms by the system according to the distance to help the driver better determine the parking position.

In actual operation, changes in light have no effect on the reversing radar. Even if it is raining heavily, it will not affect the reversing radar too much. Unless the probe is covered by a piece of mud, it will lead to false alarms. Of course, these premise is that you have bought a good parking sensor. Some reversing radars have virtual image display, and there are distance broadcasts, which can effectively help the driver reversing. However, some reversing radars only have alarms. For car owners who cannot see the blind spots, they cannot fully believe the reversing radars, because low position stones ( lower than the , iron pillars, or snow pile maybe ignored by the sound waves and the radars will keep silence.

In other words, objects that are shorter than reversing radars have the opportunity to escape from its detection. If you continue to reverse the car at this time, you may encounter obstacles. And some reversing radar with poor respond ability, it will take a certain reaction time before the alarm, so the speed must be slow when reversing

The reversing camera is equivalent to a real-time video monitor used when reversing. It is more vivid than the reversing radar. No matter whether it is a low rock or a thin iron pillar, they can’t escape from its eyes. For living creatures that move, it allows drivers to better understand the situation behind them. With reversing camera system, kids playing behind the car can easily being found and drivers can easily avoild of unnecessary accidents.

In actual operation, reversing camera performance has a great relationship with the reduction degree of the camera. For example, a reversing camera with a wide angle may cause the scenery on both sides of the screen to be distorted, thus affecting the correct judgment of the driver. Of course, there are some good reversing camera system, they have been designed with predict function, such as when you turn the steering wheel, the virtual line in the screen will changes according, so that the driver can better determine whether to continue reversing, or forwarding to re-adjust the car body position. However, the reverse camera also has its drawbacks. When the camera lens is covered with water or other dirt, or when bad weather (such as heavy rain) is encountered, it cannot work properly.

Saying for a long time, it is difficult to pick which one is better from the two. After all, their market prices are not much different, and the installation steps are almost the same. They also have their own advantages and disadvantages. So the final suggestion is if you feel that you can reversing easily, it doesn’t matter if you choose one or the other. However, if you still have problems reversing to some spaces , then we would suggest you to to install the both types. Actually, reversing radar and reversing camera are like the ears and eyes when reversing. Better not to rely on one alone, better using them together to complement one another.

How To Clean Truck Parking Sensors

How To Clean Truck Parking Sensors?

Are you wondering how to clean your truck parking sensors? The truck parking sensors are an imperative device for drivers. There was a time when people had difficulty parking their vehicles. In today’s advanced world, parking your vehicle is not a dreadful task anymore. Thanks to the invention of truck parking sensors. They use ultrasonic or electromagnetic waves to detect objects near your vehicle. if you don’t clean your truck, with the passage of time, dust can gather on your sensors. The sensors can have trouble working properly if they are not clean. It can lead to damaging your truck or even in accidents. In this article, we have listed the ways to clean your truck parking sensors.

Before moving on to cleaning your truck parking sensor, you should know why it is crucial to clean the truck parking sensors.

Importance of Having a Clean truck Parking Sensor

For ensuring the sensors work properly, you must keep it clean. Since the sensors use ultrasonic waves, the dirt or snow or even wax can interrupt their operation. As a result, the sensor might not work correctly. This might lead to damaging your truck and trucks of other people. You will have a challenging time parking your vehicle properly.

Cleaning Your truck Parking Sensor

There are various things that can accumulate on your parking sensors. When you wax or polish your truck, some of the wax will find its way into the parking sensor installed on your truck. This will cause interrupt the working of your sensor, leading to difficulty in parking and various other dangerous outcomes.

Moreover, dust and debris can also gather around the sensors. This will make your sensor dirty and it will not work properly. So, it is crucial to clean your parking sensors.

Things You Will Need

  • truckcleaning spray (must be paint-friendly)
  • Toothpick
  • Microfiber cloth

All you have to do is just splash the cleaning spray on the sensors. Then, you must clean the sides of the sensor using a toothpick. This will bring the dirt and wax out of the sides and you can clean it off with the microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Snow and Ice

In winters, ice and snow get accumulated around the sensor that will block them. The system will stop working optimally and may even shut down. For cleaning the sensor, you can use a mild automotive detergent. This is to make sure your truck’s paint will don’t be damaged. You have to be gentle when cleaning the sensors as salt can cause damage to it. You can use a dry and clean towel or rag to clean the sensor.

Get It Washed Regularly

Another great way to keep the parking sensors clean is by getting your truck washed frequently. This is will help in maintaining your truck sensors in top condition. It is an easy way to have your truck free of ice, road spray, dirt, and snow.

In the end, having a clean sensor is crucial for your safety on the road.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Wireless Rearview Camera System

Factors To Consider Before Buying Wireless Rearview Camera System

Are you planing to buy and install rearview camera system for you own can or other vehicle, to improve reversing and parking safety and efficiency ? If yes, you definitely need help on how to choose the right rearview car camera system. Rearview camera system can be divided into wired rearview camera system and wireless rearview camera system ( also being called WiFi rearview camera system).

For individual buyer or if you want to DIY rear view camera system, you’d better buy wireless rear view camera system. In fact, even the wireless rear view camera system still have a lot of wires, they are called wireless because they don’t have the video cable you need to wire between the camera and the lcd display, which is the most difficult part for DIY rearview camera system, becuase it cost you a lot of time to route the video cable throughout the vehicle. Instead, the wireless rearview camera system has a digital singal transmitter with the camera and a singal receiver with the lcd video display.

Other than that, wireless rearview camera system and wired rearview camera systems are much same. They both need a power source to run the car backup camera , they both are usually wired to the backup lights so that the system activates when the vehicle is in reverse only.

Wireless rearview camera systems work best when the distance between the transmitter and receiver is the shortest. That means that they usually work better on smaller vehicles than on large SUVs or trucks.

Factors you should pay attention to when purchase a wireless rearview camera system

Water Resistance
The heart of any rearview camera system is the camera itself. The reverse camera you choose should have a waterproof rating at least IP67, IP68 or IP69K will be better.

Night Vision
The camera should still work very well even at dark night, this functions usually requires the camera with built in infrared lights.

There are many types of cameras with a variety of mounting methods, but the easiest method for installation are the license plate bracket models. They prevent you from having to drill more holes to mount the camera.

Height Tiltable
Make sure that a camera mounted to the license plate bracket can be height adjusted via tilting or you may be stuck with a view to the rear that isn’t ideal.

Viewing Angle
Viewing angle is important when it comes to any car camera. Make sure the camera you choose has at 170 degree or better angle so that you can capture the whole area behind your vehicle.

Distance Detecting Line
Some cameras come with a built-in distance scale line display to help with backing up your vehicle and it is a really nice feature to have.

Video Monitor
Video monitor sizes for back up cameras have gotten larger over time. A 7 inch lcd video display definitely provides a better picture of what’s behind you than a 3.5 inch display, but it also occupy a lot of space on your dashboard. But think about where you can put the display before you made the final decision. Remember that you only use it when you back up and otherwise it’s just going to mounted to your dashboard or windshield, and take up a lot of space. For any WiFi backup camera system you buy, the monitor should activate automatically when it receives a video signal and the signal from the rear view camera should have the first priority over other possible inputs.

Can we use rear view camera or backup camera on driving test

Can we use rear view camera or backup camera on driving test ?

Backup cameras ( rear view cameras ) have become standard features in cars, almost 90% of car you can see running in the street have equipped with the rear view camera system, the rear view cameras usually mounted on the rear part or side part of a car, and a lcd monitor mounted on the dashboard or mirror monitor replaced with original rear view mirror. And according to US law, car manufacturer are required to install backup cameras in all new vehicles from 2018. So there comes this question, can we use rear view camera or backup camera on driving test ?

What is the purpose of driving test ?

The whole purpose of giving a license test is testingyour ability to keep others and yourself safe on the road using basic functionality of a vehicle. Especially, through the parallel parking test, the examiners can determine whether a new driver has the necessary vehicle control and hand-eye coordination before they go on the open roadway, and then they decide whether or not give him a driving license.

Actually, there is no law forbidden usage of rear view cameras during driving test, most time it depends on the examiner. However, most examiners would not allow you to use rear view cameras during parallel parking, they would cover the rear view camera with paper or tapes. In my opinion, we can use rear view cameras, but we should not wholly reply on rear view cameras. As you can see from the first paragraph, not all vehicles equipped with rear view cameras, there maybe times we need to borrowing other’s vehicle that may not have a rear view camera; and some times rear view camera may fails. I know parallel parking maybe a bit hard for new driver, but as long as you are careful and take more practice, you can master it quickly.

How to choose a quality driving recorder

How to choose a quality driving recorder?

If you have selected a reliable brand to buy a driving recorder, you need to focus on analyzing some product parameter before you purchasing a driving recorder, it seems like shooting angle, resolution of picture, compressed format, caching, and we also need to know whether the video can be closed manually; whether it can record a video normally at emergent situation; whether no jamming to other electric products and whether purchasing with card etc.

Shooting angle

The shooting angle is 100 degree for ordinary driving recorder, which is basically  enough to make sure shooting the two lane side of vehicle. Of course, bigger angle is better, and the expense is more too.

Resolution of picture

Generally video resolution  is 1280 * 720, which can promise take a clear picture for license plate in ahead, and license plate of side lane will be a little vague in the driving recorder. In addition, the photosensitive ability of SMOS chip in driving recorder and the quality of lens’ glass is connected with the shooting effect at night.

Compressed format

Most of driving recorder use compressed format H.264 .  Without a good compressed format but not losing frame, which require bigger storage capacity and higher reading speed of memory card. The size of 1 minute fragment of 720p resolution H.264 compression is about 60MB. In terms of drivers, it is helpful to choose a reasonable recording interval and volume for providing accident evidence in time, and 1 minutes as a interval time is appropriate.


A bigger volume of cache can bring smoother video and better memory card compatibility.

Emergency video

If there is a important video you want to leave, and the driving recorder also need to shoot video next,  which cause the important video will be deleted at the next time, for solving this situation, it occurs a emergency video design for keeping a special video,  so that if you just press a key manually, you will force the video to be saved without being automatically deleted when the card is full. Automatic emergency recoding video is the use of gravity sensor. It will automatically protect this video without being automatically covered and deleted during monitoring  a violent vibration on car, this function will be useful for vehicle collides.

Shielding measures

In order to decrease the cost o products, the copycat products always do not take any shielding measures and without strict test for their products, which will cause this products disturb some electronic products, such as GPS navigation  , remote control, audio, tire pressure meter, and driving computer, etc.

Whether purchasing with card

Driving recorder video with high definition picture,  always has a big volume up to hundreds MB per minute, so that there will be a strict request for reading speed of memory card, and  I advise driver purchase a superior card, because the slow speed card driving recorder is easy to be out of order.

Shenzhen Luview is a manufacturer in China specializing in researching and manufacturing car camera system products, with high quality and competitive price. We always think : Quality first, development based on sincere. If you are interested in our products, please flee free to contact us by email: [email protected]