What does rear view camera delay mean

What does rear view camera delay mean ?

Rear view camera picks up the transmission and the video image is displayed on the monitor when the car is put into reverse gear. The camera goes off when the gear is shifted to drive again. Rearview cameras help you to monitor the rear side of the car and avoid unwanted collisions.

How does rearview camera delay occurs ?

The rearview camera delay occurs when you shift the gear back to the drive mode but the camera display stays on the monitor. Only a few vehicles have this feature, but it can be very beneficial. This feature can help you keep an eye on the back of the road while driving ahead.

Many drivers want this feature in their cars as they want to have an eye around their car from every angle, which makes driving much smoother.

How can you get the delay feature

  • You can get the delay feature by simply using your monitor to go to the menu when the camera display comes on. You can click on the delay option that appears at the bottom right of the screen. Test it by shifting the gear back to drive, you will notice the delay.
  • Another option to get this feature is that you can get camera updates and get many low-priced cameras that have this feature.

Advantages of Rearview Camera Delay

  • As you are driving, you need your eyes on the road. You can keep looking at the camera displayed on your screen and see if any cars are approaching you that is speeding up.
  • You can change lanes when the moment is right with this option.
  • You can avoid a lot of accidents with this feature. It helps you save costs on possible car repairs.
  • It switches off after a certain speed limit is exceeded.

Disadvantages of Rearview Camera Delay

  • You can get distracted if you keep looking at the screen instead of focusing on the road.

The Delay feature makes the rearview camera even better

The delay feature improves many features of the traditional rear-view camera. It helps you while parallel parking the most as you can see the various angles around the parking spot. If you don’t have the delay camera feature while parallel parking, then you have to shift your gears anyway, but the camera screen will just be turning on and off, causing more distractions.

The delay feature can honestly help you save a lot of extra cost that might go into paying for your damages as well as the other cars’ if you encounter an accident. This feature has proven to decrease the number of road accidents.


Delay option can also mean that there is a delay before the camera image comes on the monitor. It needs to be corrected because it can prove to be hazardous for the driver and the car. You need to wait before changing gears constantly as well because the camera is connected to the electrical power of the car which may need rest.