What angle should backup camera be and how to adjust backup camera angle

What angle should backup camera be and how to adjust backup camera angle ?

Different cameras come with different angles. It varies according to your preference. Backup cameras are installed at the rear end of a car, usually around the tail lights and license plate or the trunk of the car. The angle should be around 120 degrees to 170 degrees.

Why should you set the angle of the camera?

  • If you don’t set the angle of the camera perfectly then your view can be blocked, and you can’t see the obstacles in your way.
  • If the camera is too high, you have no view of the ground so you can’t see where you drive.
  • If the camera is too low, you only can see the ground and not the various obstacles or items that may hinder your driving.
  • If you can see the back boot of the car or the license plate then your camera is angled incorrectly.

How to adjust the camera angle?

Adjusting the camera highly relies upon what model of the camera is fitted in your vehicle, and how and where it is attached. Some cameras are just taped onto the vehicle and some are drilled into it. The cameras that are taped are easy to remove and adjust, while the others can be difficult and may require tools.

You can adjust the cameras that come with screws by first removing the camera from its place by working on the screws. You can set the angle of the camera according to your liking and attach the camera back in its place accordingly.

Different types of cameras and mounts

Some cameras have different mounts where it is impossible to just adjust the angle of the camera. You then have to change the angle of the whole mount by using tools. You can get help from a professional as well if you don’t know how to handle tools. As this work can be a bit technical because you have to remove the wiring of the camera and rewire them to put them back in place, you can use help from other people as well.

Graphic lines and angles

When you put your car in reverse gear and the backup camera displays on the monitor, you can see the graphic lines in different colors on the screen as well. If your angle is not perfect then these graphic lines won’t be useful to you. You won’t have any help while parking and you won’t have an indication of when to stop reversing your vehicle.


Installing a backup camera may be a complicated task, but adjusting the angle of a camera is easy. You have to make sure that the monitor displays the footage of the camera while you are adjusting it. You can take help from anyone to guide you. When you adjust your camera, you can see on the monitor and decide when the angle is perfect so you can stop moving it. A wide angle in a camera is very beneficial for the driver.