What is bird eye camera and how do bird eye car cameras work

What is bird eye camera and how do bird eye car cameras work ?

You must be well acquainted with reverse cameras as they have been a standard feature in vehicles for many years. These cameras have made driving simpler, and less dangerous. It will be even better if you find out that there is a way to monitor everything happening around your car, in all directions.

What is a bird eye car camera?

The name itself is self explanatory. It means that you can keep an eye on all the sides of your car, and be well informed about various obstacles in every direction. These can help you while parking the most as you can get out of tight parking spots without causing any accident. You can parallel park and not bump into other vehicles because you can see all the corners of your car, avoiding any collision.

How does a bird eye car camera work?

There are over six cameras placed around your car in different locations. These locations include the front of your vehicle, the back and the sides. They are placed by keeping the 360 degree angle in mind. You can use this camera when you are parked, as you can’t use it when you are driving. You can turn on the park assist function and press the bird’s eye view option.

You can stop this function any time you like. When you start reversing your car after changing the gear, this option does not close as you can choose to split the screen. You can watch the reverse camera display on your monitor as well as the bird’s eye view with this feature.

Pros of bird’s eye view camera

  • The cameras are positioned strategically around your car, so no corner is missed. It gives you the unobstructed view of everything around your car.
  • You can spot any unwanted objects and obstacles and drive your car around them to avoid any damage.
  • The images are clear and there are no distortions, so you have a transparent view of the car.
  • There are graphic lines when you use this camera that show you if you will hit any possible obstacles when you start driving again.
  • It helps you prevent accidents and collisions, making it a highly safe feature of the vehicle.
  • If you have a high quality monitor then you can split the screen and watch all the sides of the car, at the same time. This feature helps you to park your car in the perfect spot.
  • Some models of the camera come with alarms and signals that go off when your vehicle gets too close to an obstacle.


Bird’s eye view camera is one of the most recent innovations by the automobile industry. This technology can change your perspective about driving a car by making it simple. You can watch your vehicle from an angle that you have never imagined. There are many models of bird’s eye view cameras that you can check out, and install in your car easily without much effort.