Why is my backup camera system screen black

Why is my backup camera system screen black?

A backup camera, frequently called a reverse camera, is a significant part of a car nowadays. Drivers use them as allies to reverse while reversing their cars. If these cameras stop working, it can be a hassle for you while driving and trying to park.

What does black screen mean?

This is one of the most common issues that a backup camera faces. A black screen is displayed on the monitor when you put your car in reverse gear, it doesn’t even show any warnings for you. That’s why this error is so confusing because it comes as a surprise.

Reasons for a Black Screen

  • One of the most important reasons that cause a black screen to appear is that the camera is not switched on.
  • Drivers jump to conclusions about physical damage to the camera when a black screen appears on the screen, and it might be true if you have had a recent accident.
  • Another reason can be that the camera is not properly installed.
  • A black screen can appear on your monitor if the screen and the camera are not properly linked with each other.

How to fix a black screen?

There are various ways that you can use to fix a black screen:

  • Check the manual that the car comes with, and make sure that all the connections in the car match the pictures shown in the manual.
  • You can check for damages on the camera first and make sure that the black screen is not appearing because of cracks on the camera.
  • You can try cleaning the exterior of the camera to make sure that nothing is blocking its lens.
  • You can turn the car off and restart it, and put it in reverse gear again to see if the camera starts working.
  • If the black screen is not fixed, then the last option is to go to a professional and see what’s wrong with it. You might have to get a new camera installed.
  • Sometimes the connections can be faulty and the camera can be connected to other parts of the car instead of the monitor.

Reset your camera

Some cars have cameras that you can reset. This backup camera comes with a button, you simply have to press the button to put it in reset mode. It only takes a few seconds before the camera starts working in perfect condition.

Costs of fixing it

You can try to fix the black screen and the camera yourself by trying out the various steps mentioned above. If the camera starts working with your efforts then you don’t have to spend much money. However, if you have to get another camera installed then it can be expensive because you will need to get help from a professional who knows his way around a car.


With backup cameras gaining importance for cars, they must be installed in all cars, and their problems like black screens and no signal issues are taken care of.