Will a backup camera drain car battery

Will a backup camera drain car battery ?

Backup cameras have to be connected to your car if you want to have a safe driving experience. As you change your gear and put the car in reverse gear, you can see everything behind your car on the screen display. You can back out of tight parking spaces without bumping into other cars or obstacles.

Backup cameras and power source

Backup cameras are attached to a power source in your car. These power sources can be:

  • The tail lights of your car where the camera gets its direct power from.
  • The electricity from inside the car.
  • From the video display set up with the camera.

These power sources are connected to the main electrical battery of your car. Power sources have to be connected properly to the backup camera so that they can turn on and transmit their signals so that your monitor can display the video.

Battery and backup cameras

As the backup camera is constantly connected to a power source, your vehicle’s electrical supply is getting used up. If the camera is used only while driving, then the battery is not drained significantly.

However, backup cameras can drain the battery of your car if you leave them on for too long. There might be some technical issues with your car where the camera is left on, which drains the battery if it isn’t fixed. Another reason might be that you have not connected the wires of the camera to your car properly, causing the camera to drain the battery of your vehicle.

How to avoid battery drainage with a backup camera

You can connect the 12V power cables correctly. If the connection is proper with the power source that your backup camera is getting the electrical supply from, you can even keep them on without draining your battery. It also depends on the quality of your backup camera. A good quality backup camera will never drain your car’s battery even if the camera is always turned on.

If the backup camera is not installed properly, and if it is not the right model causing battery drainage, then you will need to get your batteries replaced which is a hectic job, and not easy on the pocket either. To avoid the battery drainage problem, you can:

  • Connect the camera to the car’s ignition. By doing this, you will ensure that the camera is only turned on when you start your vehicle. You don’t need to have a direct connection to the ignition, you can just connect it with any component of the car that is powered by the ignition.
  • You can have one constant power supply. This source can be beneficial for security purposes, however it can end up draining your battery if you don’t use your vehicle for longer intervals.


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