How to install a backup camera system without drilling holes

How to install a backup camera system without drilling holes?

Backup cameras have become crucial when it comes to cars and their features. These backup cameras have become a standard in the late 2000s, because before that cars did not have this feature. You can install backup cameras in your cars that don’t have them as it is not a difficult job.

Why should you install a backup camera?

Many vehicles have shapes that don’t let them see what’s behind easily. Parking becomes another issue where there is always the danger of running over something or someone. You have to constantly look behind you through the rearview mirrors to be able to see, but they don’t even know what covers all of to blind spots.

Backup cameras help you reverse easily, and increase your visibility with the best wide angle, enabling you to see everything behind your car.

Ways to install a backup camera:

  • You can install a backup camera by using the screws that come with it. This process requires the drilling process.
  • When it comes to avoiding drilling into your car, you can use the tape that comes with the camera. This tape is adhesive and you just have to simply attach it to your car and start using the camera. You can connect the wire through the tail lights.
  • Some backup cameras are wireless and they have two-sided tape that you can use to mount the camera in your car.

Location of backup camera

A backup camera is located at the back of your vehicle. The exact location of the camera varies from car to car as every car has a different shape and the camera needs to be placed strategically at a certain angle. You can place the camera near the license plate number at the back, beside the tail lights, or at the boot.

Placement of the camera is important not just because of the angle, but for protection purposes as well. The lens of your camera needs to be protected from harsh lights so you can see the video clearly on your screen. The lens also needs protection from weather conditions that prevent it from condensing internally.

Types of backup camera

There are several types and models of backup cameras. Some cameras have several wires that need to be attached to your car, for the camera to work properly. Some cameras are wireless and work with a transmitter. A few of these cameras have sensors that send you alerts so you can avoid accidents.

Installation of the camera can be done at home without much handy work as there are no tools and wrenches that need to be used.


Installing backup cameras has become quite easy without the extra effort of fitting the camera with screws. You don’t even need a professional to handle the installation process as you can do it yourself. With the cameras that need drilling, you have to go to a specialist who can drill holes perfectly in your car.