Dash cams vs mirror cams, what is the difference

Dash cams vs mirror cams, what is the difference ?

Mirror cams sound promising because they include a dash cam, a rear-view mirror, and a reverse camera. Dash Cam however, is much more uncomplicated to use even if your research tells you otherwise.

How are they different?

Dash cams reside behind the rearview mirrors and record the road that is approaching you. Their price ranges differ and have a wide range of specs that you can choose from as there are enough models for the buyers. You can buy the ones with rear-facing cameras and have the best of both worlds.

Mirror cams help you with parking while also being able to give you the rear-view advantage and show you the road ahead without difficulty. Mirror cams are versatile which reflects in their price which is more expensive than a dash cam.

Advantages of Dash Cams

  • They don’t take up much space as they are smaller.
  • Regardless of the model, you can get an easy installation done.
  • Some models of dash cams are adaptable to rear-view cameras, making them have extra features.

Disadvantages of Dash Cams

  • Normal models of dash cams don’t have a rearview camera and you need to install it separately.

Advantages of Mirror Cams

  • Normal models of Mirror cams have a front view as well as a rearview camera.
  • Reverse by using the camera easily.
  • If your vehicle does not cater to the rearview, the camera can aid you with that.

Disadvantages of Mirror Cams

  • It is not lightweight and the installation can be complicated.
  • It is costly and various models are expensive.
  • Significant brands don’t manufacture this camera so they are harder to find in good quality.

Installation and Features

Dash cams come in various sizes and you can’t even detect them at first glance, while mirror cams are a lot harder to miss because they have larger screens. If you want to install a dash cam, you simply have to fix it to the windscreen and put a memory card in place. However, you have to add an extra step with a mirror cam and link the rear camera to use it.

Mirror cams have multitasking abilities, as they have pre-installed parking aid and rear-facing camera; however, Dash cams can catch up to them with their features like different kinds of sensors at much less price. You can have a less expensive dash cam with GPS tracking features in a variety of models with the ability to connect to the internet and edit and share recorded videos.

Video clarity

Both Dash cams and mirror cams have high-quality video footage with footage ranging from 1080p to 4k quality. Brands prioritize the clarity of the videos with better light settings.


Mirror cams sound promising because they promise various elements including their service to vehicles with little to no review, however, dash cams can give them tough competition without spending a lot of money.

You can get dash cams from several well-known brands with the best quality, no extra glare and within your budget.