Dashboard camera VS Car black box

Dashboard camera VS Car black box

Talking about car black box, it is easy to think of the black box on the plane. At the same time,consumer may also mess it up with dashboard camera . In foreign countries, dashboard camera and car black box are two completely different concepts.

The first car black box was installed in 1996, and now up to 90% of the new cars are equipped with car black box. car owners generally do not aware of because they are installed under the seat or under the dashboard, activated 5 seconds before the airbag is opened. Therefore, the car black box really is a small black box indeed. For most people, they may not able to tell whether their car is equipped with a car black box or not, because it is too invisible. Dashboard camera has a video recording function. These dashboard camera are usually mounted on windshields and consist of a camera ,processing unit and storage disk ( usually it is a sd card ).The video captured in the dashboard camera is automatically stored in the sd card, which can be viewed on the computer,or even instantly viewed by mobile ( it requires the dashboard camera has WiFi connection function ) or by lcd car monitor. The video recorded by dashboard camera is more accurate and comprehensive then pre-installed car black box by car manufacturer, as it records the time, location of vehicle, and the driver’s vision as well. That is why dashboard camera is more powerful for evidence proving, such as when you want to prove that you are passing a yellow light instead of running a red light.

In a brief way, dashboard camera and car black box have below 4 significant differences:
1. Dashboard camera consist of a camera, a monitor ( optional ), data cards and data access socket and so on. While the car black box is more close to the name of “black box” , usually comes in a small Quartet black box shape.

2.Dashboard camera is usually installed on the windshield or rear view mirror, most dashboard camera using the suction cup, adhesive tape or hidden mounting(usually on the rear view mirror ).Car black box is more visible and hidden.

3. Video captured by dashboard camera is more accurate and comprehensive because it also records the time,location of vehicle, and the driver’s vision. The recorded video is automatically stored in the sd card,you can access these videos easily.The car black box records the speed, acceleration, deceleration, and braking of the vehicle within 5 seconds before the collision.It is not easy to get these data from car black box. In most case,only car manufacturers can access these data.

4. Dashboard camera,as long as it connected to the car circuit, they will automatic start.it is very necessary for dashboard camera to start up automaticlly, as you may miss recording videos because of such a repeated action.The car black box is totally different, the researchers’ developing purpose of car black box is to track the reasons for the activation of airbags. Therefore, it is only activated a few seconds before the collision event, and this activation method has continued till today.

Above are the significant differences between dashboard camera and car black box,we hope these information can help.