1080p or 1296p dashboard car camera

1080p or 1296p dashboard car camera ?

Currently there are a lot of dashboard car camera brand and models on the market with different technical specifications.For common consumer,we may focus more on the camera pixels.Currently 1080p or 1296p dashboard camera is very common on the market,1440p dashboard camera is still not very common as they are mainly used on high end car.Is it the truth that 1296p dashboard camera is better than 1080p dashboard camera ? This should be discussed.

For anti road fraud purpose dashboard camera, 1080p definition is clear enough, too high definition will greatly reduce the sd card life as well as reducing the recording time. In addition, due to each pixel lighting lux reduced for 1296p dashboard camera,the night vision effect can be worse, it is not worth to do that.

We may experience this: when we watch 720p video or film on the computer from internet, ,720p video has been very clear, even up to 1080p source, definition is not obvious improved,but your surfing speed will be affected a lot. That is because of 1080p video size is two times compared with 720p video, and 1296p video size is around 1.4 times of 1080p video.That is,for a same SD card,storage the 1290p video not only the video recording time reduced by 30%, but also greatly increase repeated reading and writing times,which would definitely reduce the SD card life span.

Similarly, 24 fps of the video has been very clear and smooth,increasing 30 fps to 60 fps , will also cause reducing of video record time, and shorter SD card life span.

Consumers should focus on practicability and durability of dashboard camera, not the higher technical parameters the better.