Why not suction cup mounting dashboard camera

Why not suction cup mounting dashboard camera ?

When we sourcing on Amazon,Ebay or Aliepxress,we can get various dashboard camera prices, from low to high.Why ? because of different brand, different camera solution,different mounting method etc. We would like to share you knowledge about dashboard camera mounting method.

Usually,dashboard camera has three different mounting method: suction cup mounting, self adhesive tap mounting, built in mounting.

Suction cup mounting is the easiest mounting method,usually these suction cup mounting dashboard camera price is very cheap, but it can be easily fall off during car collision,in cold winter or summer sunshine exposure, and cause traffic risk to driver.

Self adhesive tape mounting dashboard camera is very common in the market.With a genuine 3M VHB adhesive tape,the dashboard camera can firmly stick on any of your vehicle position.However, it may affect the beauty sense of your car.And what’s more ,there are a lot of poor fake 3M adhesive tape on the market too, using these 3M adhesive tape mounting dashboard camera may cause danger to driver too.

Built in mounting dashboard camera usually used for high end car, as they are 3-4 times more expensive than suction cup mounting dashboard camera, as they are specially designed for different car brand model,they can’t be used in one for all form.They will be perfecting fit your branded car model,seamless combine with your rear view camera,no color difference, actually this kind of built in dashboard camera is the best car dashboard camera.

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