Does Volkswagen Tiguan have a rear view camera

Does Volkswagen Tiguan have a rear view camera ?

Rear View Cameras have become an important ally when you reverse your car. Volkswagen Tiguan has a rearview camera that helps you while you back up your vehicle or need to park.

Where is the camera located

The camera on the rear side is located around the tailgate. It helps you avoid all the obstacles in your way. You just have to shift your gear to reverse mode and the camera shows you the back view of the car on your monitor. It comes with lines designed to tell you when to hit the brakes.

The latest Tiguan comes with a total bird’s eye view around your vehicle to help you navigate through traffic and parking spaces.

Advantages of the Rear View Camera in Tiguan

  • It gives you the benefit of an automatic parking assist that includes the graphic lines that turn as you move the steering wheel to adjust to the angles.
  • You don’t have to turn on the camera as it activates automatically when you reverse your car.
  • It gives you high-quality images on the monitor and covers all the areas behind the car.
  • It catches any obstacles that are invisible to the camera and alerts you before approaching them

Are Rear View Cameras in Tiguan expensive?

The camera is expensive because it uses high technology with added benefits for the vehicle. It adds the new generation vehicle tag to the model.

Is Rear View Camera a necessity for Tiguan

If Tiguan wants to keep up with the increasing competition where innovation is important then it is necessary for the vehicle. Rear-view cameras help drivers with all the problems with parking and reversing a car.

Tiguan and the necessary safety measures

Volkswagen is one of the most safety-cautious companies. Volkswagen has added rearview cameras in all the standard models of their cars since 2017. You don’t have to look behind your seat to look at the backside of your cad, just use their reverse camera.

The addition of the camera adds efficiency to the vehicle because it saves time while reversing your car, and cuts down costs of unneeded run-ins. As the camera does not come with blind spots the best position of the camera, you don’t have to worry about accidents.

Installation of the camera

The latest models of the Tiguan all have standard rearview cameras. However, if you want to upgrade your camera to a higher-quality version then you can buy the various rest view camera kits. They come with several specifications including highly trendy monitors.

The different versions of the rearview camera are expensive, especially for Tiguan. These cameras have different price ranges from normal reverse cameras.


If you find parallel parking, reversing, and avoiding obstacles a difficult job while driving then a reverse camera can be the perfect solution. Tiguan with its incredible exterior has all the technology in the interior with this camera. The monitor of the camera also works as an entertainment zone to enjoy.