Ensure Driving Safety with the Brake Light Camera System

As traffic congestion and vehicle safety issues become increasingly prominent, vehicle safety has become a major focus of people’s daily driving. In order to enhance drivers’ awareness of the surrounding environment, the Luview Brake Light Camera System has emerged. This system is designed to seamlessly integrate with numerous vehicle models such as Fiat, Mercedes-Benz vans, Iveco, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, etc., providing drivers with comprehensive driving assistance functions.

Characteristics and parameters of the brake light camera system include:

Sensor: Utilizes a 1/2.8 high-definition CMOS sensor, capable of providing clear images.

Resolution: Reaches 1920 (H) * 1080 (V), ensuring clear visibility of details.

Power Supply: Supports DC12V-24V voltage input, suitable for various vehicle models.

Minimum Illumination: Operates normally under lighting conditions of just 0.01 LUX.

Angle: The camera offers a wide 150-degree field of view, covering a broad range.

This system comprises the JY-MR07 7-inch rearview mirror monitor, brake light camera, and corresponding cables, enabling direct installation onto vehicles without the need for intricate setup steps.

What are the reasons for the necessity of this brake light camera system?

The use of this system not only provides more convenient driving assistance functions but, more importantly, significantly enhances the safety of drivers. The brake light camera system, through intelligent visual recognition technology, can monitor the surroundings of the vehicle in real-time, especially during braking. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the system automatically activates, transmitting the rear driving situation to the rearview mirror display in real-time, allowing the driver to have a clear grasping the behavior of nearby vehicles and effectively prevent rear-end accidents.

How is this functionality achieved?

The implementation of the brake light camera system relies on advanced technological support. Its core lies in the application of high-definition CMOS sensors, which boast excellent optical performance and high sensitivity, ensuring good imaging results under various lighting conditions. Through the brake light camera system, drivers can navigate their vehicles more easily, ensuring the safety of themselves and others on the road.

Thus, the brake light camera system is an indispensable part of modern vehicles. Not only does it provide convenient driving assistance functions, but more importantly, it significantly enhances the level of road safety, safeguarding drivers’ safe travels.

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