How to Install Rear View Camera With Mirror Monitor

How to Install Rear View Camera With Mirror Monitor?

Are you thinking of investing in rear view camera with mirror monitor? Rear view camera with mirror monitor is a replacement for the rearview mirror of your vehicle. This technological device provides information about what is behind your car. It is also useful for directing you to reverse your vehicle in heavy traffic easily.

Most of the new cars are available with the pre-installed rearview camera system. You can install the rear view camera with mirror monitor yourself if your car doesn’t have one. In this article, we have mentioned an easy way to install the backup camera system with mirror monitor.

Steps to Install the Rear View Camera With Mirror Monitor

Here are the easy steps that will help you install the rearview camera system with mirror monitor.

Reading the Instructions

The first step in the process is to read the user manual of the rearview camera. The instructions provided with the system will be specific to your vehicle. Once you have read the instructions, you will not have any difficulty in installing the system.

Disconnect the Battery

It is crucial for you to make sure the battery is disconnected. This is an important step as you will be working with the electronic system of your vehicle, there must be no power in the system. If you don’t detach the battery there will be a risk of an accident.

Deciding The Place of the System

One of the main components of the system is the rearview mirror monitor. It will be attached to or replace the rearview mirror. The system will include other components, such as sensors and camera. You will have to decide the place for the camera. There are two types of backup cameras; one must be mounted on the license plate and the other must be installed in the bumper.

Routing the Wires

The next step is to route the cables to make sure they are properly installed. Before you start drilling holes, you will have to ensure the position you picked is the right choice. This to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be.

After the completion of the wiring, you must connect the mirror monitor to the mirror. For this, you will have to remove the screws connecting the mirror to the vehicle. Once the mirror monitor is installed, you must connect it to the system.

Testing the System

The last step is the testing phase. Once everything is completed, it is time to test the system. For this, you will have to reconnect the battery of your vehicle and check if the system is working correctly.

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