How to split the monitor into 4 screens

How to split the monitor into 4 screens?

Cars can become a zone for your entertainment because of the monitors that are attached. These monitors come with a rearview camera, used to display the videos captured by the camera; however, you can use them for other purposes as well.

Pros of monitors in cars

  • You can download various apps on these monitors and enjoy using them. You just need an internet connection to access these apps.
  • You can watch videos while driving which is legal in many countries.
  • You can use your maps on the monitor through GPS. Watch your route as you keep on driving and avoid getting lost on unknown roads.
  • You can sync your contacts on the monitor and call people from your car easily, never missing out on any important work.

Multitasking with monitors

As there are so many functions of a monitor in a car, you would wish for a way to simultaneously do some of them, if not all. There is a way to multitask with your monitor, you just have to split the screen in four. This can help you open different apps on your monitor together.

Models of the monitor

There are a variety of different models of monitors that you can install in your car. Not all of these models can help you split your screen, however, some of them can which makes using the monitor much easier. You don’t have to constantly switch between different apps to use them as you can use them all at once.

You can reverse your car and watch the backup image on one of the split screens, open your map on another, watch a video on the third and get contact information on the fourth. It makes driving more efficient where you can get a lot of work done while enjoying some alone time as well.

Cost of the monitor

The monitors that have extra specifications like a split screen can be costly, but they can be a great investment. Such split-screen monitors are mostly bigger; splitting the screen does not compromise safety while reversing your car either.

There are different price ranges of the variants of these models and you can choose the one that you think will look best in your car. A small monitor can be good for a smaller car, however, a big screen looks best attached to a larger vehicle. These big screens help you enjoy multimedia entertainment while you drive.


Monitors have been installed in cars to make reversing and parking easier, but you can make the most of them by using them for several purposes. Make sure the monitor installed in your car is of higher quality and has the best specifications to support everyday apps. You can watch videos on these apps, and listen to music. You don’t have to take out your phone to make a call as you can use the screen attached in front of you to make these phone calls without any worries.