Rearview mirror vs rearview camera, which is suitable for you

Rearview mirror vs rearview camera, which is suitable for you ?

Rearview mirrors and cameras both help the drivers see what is happening at the back end of their car. Mirrors have always been a necessary part of a vehicle as they help drivers keep an eye on the approaching cars from behind as well as while parking. However, with technological advancement in the automobile sector, cameras have gained popularity and proved to be quite useful.

Which is more suitable?

Mirrors show the reflection of the backside of your car. You can see the road from behind while you drive, and see the approaching cars. They help you change your lanes while keeping safety measures in mind.

Cameras have higher specifications because they show the rear side of your car on a monitor, with the added benefit of showing how close you get to objects avoiding any collision.

Advantages of Rearview Mirrors

  • Mirrors don’t cost much so you can change them easily.
  • They don’t need a battery to function.
  • You can easily install them without putting much time and effort.
  • They are wide, covering a large area of the view behind them. This helps you keep a check on everything that goes on.

Disadvantages of Rearview Mirrors

  • They get easily destroyed if you are ever in an accident.
  • Extreme weather conditions can fog them up or cover them, hindering your way to see behind your car.
  • It’s difficult to cover blind spots with them.
  • They can become less clear as time passes.

Advantages of Rearview Cameras

  • They have a better angle, giving you a wider range of visuals.
  • They don’t get destroyed easily.
  • They work well at night because of night vision sensors.
  • They display a perfect image.
  • Weather conditions don’t affect their functionality.

Disadvantages of Rearview Cameras

  • They can be more expensive.
  • Their installation requires time and effort, as you have to go to an automobile professional.
  • Cameras need a power source to work so they need to be connected to your vehicle electrically.

Features and models

Mirrors don’t work with high tech, therefore there are a few standard models that come with cars or you can buy them separately. Mirrors are required by law in many countries which is why they are essential in cars. However, cameras proven to be much safer and easier to use. There are many models of cameras that you can install with extra features that show off the wonders of technology. Cameras don’t have blind spots and cover all the corners of the car that can hit something.

Many models of these cameras are reliable and work well for a considerable period of time without getting them replaced. There is less air resistance in your car if the mirrors are replaced with cameras, making your vehicle lighter.


Cameras may be costly, but they prove their worth because of all the extra benefits including added safety, and the high-quality image on the screens. You can get these screens in various sizes accordingly, while bigger mirrors don’t make much of a difference because most cars can’t support their size.