How does a backup wireless camera get power

How does a backup wireless camera get power ?

Backup cameras are so convenient and safe nowadays, that they have become an essential part of every vehicle. Wireless cameras are easy to install in your car without having any holes drilled and going through multiple wires to get the connection.

How does a wireless backup camera work?

Wireless backup camera is mounted on your vehicle. They are placed at the boot of your vehicle, above the license plate. This careful placement gives them an advantage of a better angle that lets you see everything behind you. The graphic lines tell you where the car will stop if you turn it in any direction. It saves a lot of effort of going through different mirror checks so you can reverse your car.

Power supply for a wireless backup camera

As you might be aware, your vehicle has a good amount of electrical supply. All of your lights, air conditioning, and monitor are powered through the vehicle’s electricity. Your camera also needs an electrical source so it can work properly, and transmit the video display to your monitor. Your vehicle determines how to get the perfect power source. You need to read the manual that comes with the backup camera to find out the ideal placement.

Wireless Backup camera power sources are

  • The tail lights are one of the most popular power sources for the camera. They are ideal because they also are turned on when you shift your gear to reverse. It gives the backup camera the required signal to turn on and off otherwise your backup camera might be on the whole time, which can lead to technical complications.
  • Power can also be connected to the video display system of your monitor. Most backup cameras have two wires attached with the monitor for power and for the video display, however some cameras have just one wire that does both the jobs.
  • Cabin electricity can also be used to power your camera. This is one of the safest options because it is inside the car where it won’t be affected by changing weather conditions.

Test the power source

When you install your backup camera, it is important for you to check the power. You can put your car in reverse gear and see if the camera turns on. You should ensure that there is no interference because then the video will be distorted.

You can get all the wiring done by a technician however, you can do it yourself if you know how to. Wireless cameras have manuals that guide you and there are no difficulties or extra tools that you need to have to install them.


You can place the backup camera near the tail lights so your camera has its power source closest to it. If you want to have a power source from inside the cabin then you might need the help of a technical expert. You can view various models of wireless backup cameras on our website