Luview May Birthday Party: Endless Fun and Surprises!

The precious moment of our monthly birthday party has arrived once again! Luview is hosting a fun and heartwarming birthday celebration, complete with delicious food, engaging games, and exciting performances, creating a joyful atmosphere for everyone! Let’s come together to celebrate the birthdays of Luview’s May stars!

First up is the feast: The entire HR department at Luview has prepared a variety of tasty snacks, fresh and juicy fruits, and exquisite birthday cakes for this month’s birthday stars, allowing everyone to indulge in a culinary extravaganza. Additionally, we will be displaying wonderful photos from the lives of each birthday celebrant, making the atmosphere even more lively and cheerful.

Next up is the exciting game segment: We have arranged a series of thrilling game activities! First up is the Zoo and Fruit Orchard game. In the Zoo game, everyone takes turns naming different animals without repeating, and the last person remaining in the game will win a prize gift pack. The Fruit Orchard game follows the same rules, challenging everyone’s familiarity with animal and fruit names.

Additionally, we have prepared the traditional Duck Catching game. In this game, you can freely state the number of ducks you want to catch, and then everyone takes turns imitating the sound of ducks “quacking” until the specified number is reached. Without any stuttering, this game will test everyone’s spontaneous reaction ability while adding to the festive atmosphere of the gathering.

The winners will have the opportunity to win our specially prepared game prize packs, making the birthdays of this month’s Luview stars even more exciting! At the same time, we have also prepared special birthday red packets for the birthday stars, expressing the Luview’s blessings and care for them. Additionally, we have prepared soft and comfortable nap blankets for the birthday stars, allowing them to relax and rest during tiring moments, feeling the warmth and care.

Finally, as the birthday party comes to an end, all the birthday stars gather together for a group photo to forever capture this wonderful moment and cherish precious memories! We also wish a happy birthday to all the Luview stars celebrating their birthdays this month! May every day be filled with joy and happiness for you all!