Party Time in August: LUVIEW Employees’ Birthday Celebration

In this August, LUVIEW routinely held a warm and joyful birthday party. All the staff of the administrative department carefully arranged the venue, decorated with balloons, ribbons and birthday posters, so that every employee could feel the warmth and care of home.

To make the birthday party more memorable, the company specially prepared surprise gifts and birthday red envelopes for employees born in August. In addition, various delicious fruits, cakes, and snacks were prepared for everyone to enjoy a feast for the taste buds. On this special day, employees not only feel the care and warmth of the company but also share happiness and joy with colleagues.

On this special day, we send our heartfelt wishes and blessings to the birthday employees. May everyone have a successful career, a happy life, and achieve their dreams and goals in the coming year. Let’s continue to work together and create a better future!