Universal dash camera: making every drive more reliable

Installing a dash camera is due to the frequent disputes in determining liability in traffic accidents, a situation that is not uncommon. Coupled with the occurrence of “staged accidents,” drivers often face uncertainty in determining responsibility. Therefore, the dash camera has become an important tool for drivers to protect themselves. In addition to resolving disputes over traffic accidents, the dash camera can also monitor parking safety, preserve evidence, and enhance driving safety, making it an indispensable equipment for more and more drivers.

Typical problems solved by dash cameras

1. Disputes over traffic accidents

Traffic accidents are often a major headache for drivers. Disputes over liability are frequent, leading to financial and psychological losses. However, having a dash camera can provide clear video footage as evidence, helping to resolve disputes over responsibility and reduce drivers’ losses.

 2. Parking surveillance needs

When vehicles are parked for extended periods, they become easy targets for criminals, leading to theft, vandalism, and other problems. The 24-hour G-sensor collision sensing parking surveillance feature of dash cameras can monitor the surroundings of vehicles. In the event of a collision or abnormal situation, relevant footage is immediately recorded, providing protection for drivers and safeguarding vehicle security.

3. Evidence preservation

During driving, drivers may encounter unexpected events such as road rage or intentional collisions. With a dash camera, drivers can use video recordings as evidence to protect their legal rights and effectively deal with various unpredictable situations.

4. Driver assistance requirements

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features can enhance driving safety. For example, lane departure warning and collision warning functions can promptly alert drivers to ensure driving safety, reducing the risk of accidents caused by fatigue or lack of concentration.

Luview dash camera: enhancing driving safety with intelligent navigation

1. High-definition dual recording for comprehensive monitoring

Luview’s dash camera is equipped with a Sony 4K high-definition front camera and an AHD1080P rear camera, enabling dual recording of the front and rear views. This provides comprehensive coverage of the vehicle’s surroundings, ensuring all-round monitoring and capturing any potential accidents or unexpected events.

2. GPS satellite positioning for clear tracking of driving trajectory

Supporting GPS satellite positioning functionality, the camera accurately records the vehicle’s driving trajectory and location information by pulling external GPS signals. This helps users track the vehicle’s location when needed, providing effective vehicle positioning services.

3. 24-Hour parking surveillance to prevent unexpected risks

The Luview dash camera features a 24-hour G-sensor collision sensing parking surveillance function. It can detect collisions or abnormal vibrations when the vehicle is parked, immediately triggering recording and preserving relevant footage. This effectively prevents risks such as theft, robbery, and collisions during parking.

4. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) for enhanced driving safety

With built-in ADAS features, the dash camera provides functions such as lane departure warning and collision warning. It promptly alerts drivers to ensure driving safety, effectively reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents and enhancing driving safety.

5. Multiple power supply options for compatibility with various vehicles

The camera supports power supply from a 12V fuse box or a 5V car charger, flexibly adapting to different vehicle models and power supply environments, ensuring stable operation and reliability of the camera.

6. Multilingual menu for convenient operation

Supporting multiple menu language options, including English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, the camera allows users to select the operating language according to their personal preferences, enhancing the user experience.


The Luview dash camera, equipped with features such as high-definition dual recording, GPS positioning, 24-hour parking surveillance, and ADAS driver assistance, provides comprehensive driving safety protection for drivers. Whether during daily driving or parking surveillance, the Luview dash camera can provide users with reliable video evidence, addressing various challenges that may arise during driving and ensuring driving safety while safeguarding the legal rights of drivers. If you are interested in learning more about Luview’s products or have any collaboration intentions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are committed to providing you with excellent service and working together to create a safer and more comfortable driving environment.