What is AHD camera and its advantages

What is AHD camera and its advantages ?

AHD is short for Analog High Definition, so AHD camera is analog high-definition camera, transmission signal is the high-definition analog signal. Talking about high definition, in short, we usually call the video high definition with the physical resolution more than 720p, referred to as HD.

AHD technology can achieve the reliable transmission of ultra long distance (500 meters) high-definition video signal on the existing analog transmission line. It adopts advanced Y/C signal separation and simulation filtering technology, which can effectively reduce the color noise in high frequency area, image reducibility is better. Compared with the traditional high definition products, AHD camera image quality has a qualitative leap and upgrade, the highest clarity can be equivalent to the full network HD 1080 level.

AHD camera features and advantages:

  • more clear: advanced bright color separation, signal filtering, 3D noise reduction technology, image clarity higher, better image reducibility ;
  • transmission distance: use coaxial transmission, ordinary 75-5 line can transit up to 500 meters;
  • zero delay: captured data transmitted to the monitor without encoded, real-time and high fidelity;
  • compatible: compatible with ordinary D1/960H, compatible with analog peripherals (including the distributor, matrix, etc.);
  • easy to operate: support OSD menu design, set as you like;
  • inexpensive: ordinary simulation price for high definition quality product;
  • high integration: AHD front-end chip price for high-definition quality products;
  • open standards: open standards to third party, compatible with other manufacturers’ AHD products, accelerate the market development.

AHD camera follows the method of simulating standard definition transmission, which can reduce the complexity of construction and deployment, reduce the cost of auxiliary materials and maintain complexity as well as technical requirements of construction personnel. It is extremely suitable for upgrading the old system, you can easily upgrade from standard definition to high definition without change the original system . In addition, high definition quality with standard defintion price, make the AHD camera has a very large development space both in the civilian and industrial market ( such as AHD car camera ).